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The Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours For Vaping You Should Try

Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours
Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours: Anyone for Chicken and waffles eliquid food flavor for vaping taste?
Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours
Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours to try.

Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours to try: from menthol, tobacco, fruity, desserts, candy & sweets, beverages and food – appealing to your taste buds.

Starting a vaping journey comes with making a few small decisions. Choosing a vape e-liquid flavor is up there with deciding brand or seller, PG/VG ratio, quality of ingredients, and prices. While new or prospective vapers need to research the other factors, the best flavor for an individual is based on preferences and taste buds. Finding the one that adds to the satisfying sensation of vaping may not be easy. 

Every reputable online vape shop packs a wide variety of vapes and e-liquid flavors. With many options in the market and subjectivity of taste, it is pretty hard to list the best e-liquid flavors. However, the vaping community has a passionate voice that doesn’t shy away from sharing honest reviews and recommendations. So here is a comprehensive selection based on popularity and recommendations of highly experienced vapers. The chances are good that you will find the one that suits your taste and preferences. 


For years, menthol has been popular among smokers. So, it’s not surprising that vapers, of which ex-smokers make up a great percentage, love the cool sensation of menthol vape e-liquid. A smoker switching to vaping would be more at home with menthol e-liquid than most others. Menthol is known for reducing the nicotine irritation, cravings, and harshness of a cigarette. Its cooling and analgesic properties leave a cool sensation in the throat and help with chest hits. If you want to go smoke-free completely, e-liquid made with menthol will be your best bet at renewing your taste bud.

The category of vapers who love their menthol flavored e-juice tone down will find other appealing variations like fruity menthol, menthol tobacco, peppermint, spearmint, and others. Also, menthol-flavored vape might help with flu, catarrh, and other cold allergies. 


No other flavor gives the most realistic cigarette feeling. People looking to take the steps required to become a non-smoker would logically make tobacco e-Liquid the first choice. Unlike the lingering scent that introduces smokers everywhere they go, tobacco e-juices leave a better scent and taste trail. Tobacco consumed with vaping is combusted and not smoked. Therefore vapers can enjoy close to the same sensation without inhaling houses of harmful chemicals created by smoking tobacco.

Some vape manufacturers blend the semi earthy and delicious tobacco leaf with other flavors to create tobacco e-juice variants such as spiced tobacco, menthol tobacco, cigar tobacco, and sweets tobacco. 


Many vapers, both beginners and experienced, prefer fruity e-liquid flavors. The reason is the sweet and satisfying taste of fruits. Almost everybody loves at least one out of the varieties of fruits available. And the chances are good that people just getting into vaping will find their preferred fruits in an e-liquid. Watermelon and strawberry are the leading fruit-flavored e-liquids amongst vapers. Other fruity flavors in the vaping market that deliver enjoyable tastes include banana, mango, pineapple, grape berries, and apple. It is not uncommon to find combinations of these fruits in a vape e-liquid. 


Every vape manufacturer offers an extensive range of dessert e-liquids for vapers looking for ways to enjoy the taste of sweet foods without adding calories. Satisfying the nicotine craving and the taste bud with an apple pie simultaneously makes one want to vape all day. Though a lot of people, when starting, are more likely to opt for tobacco and menthol-flavored vapes, many later find peace in the sweet and savory dessert world. 

The options of dessert vape juice to choose from are mouthwatering. Pay a visit to any vape store, either online, such as the MIST liquids, or physical, and find flavors like custard pies, cookies, ice cream doughnuts, and cheesecakes.

Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours
Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours to try: Introducing candy & sweets.

Candy & Sweets

Taking a drag from a vape with the nostalgia of eating a candy bar has a ring. To meet the needs of adults looking to satisfy their sweet tooth, there are candy e-juice such as marshmallows, butterscotch, yummy lollies, caramel, and gummy lollies. Regardless of your best-loved candy when growing up, you stand a chance to enjoy them in the form of a vape. 

Many vapers find appeal in the delicious treats they have almost forgotten in candy-flavored e-juice. Thankfully, such products are not harsh on the throat. But you can mix things up by switching between different candy flavors to not get bored. Manufacturers do add considerable levels of acidity for a more realistic vaping experience.


Depending on smoking habits, many ex-smokers light up cigarettes before, after, or even during meals. Vape e-Liquid flavored around popular drinks seem perfect for such people. Coffee and milk are the most loved flavors in this category. Of course, there are other beverage-inspired e-juice options like whiskey, soda, cola, tea, juice, and more. Vaping any of this is like recreating the before or after-meal scenario to curb nicotine craving. Not to mention mimicking the satisfaction that comes from drinking these beverages. Blending with menthol also gives the straight from the fridge feeling. 

Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours
Best Vape E-Liquid Flavours: Anyone for Chicken and waffles eliquid food flavor for vaping taste?


People may not expect to see a vape e-liquid replicating their favorite food. But few vape manufacturers are taking a leap of faith and churning out e-liquid in an unexpected savory flavor. However, an aromatic sensation of your best food with nicotine can be magical. Moreover, it can come in very handy when dealing with vapers’ tongues, which can also happen to beginners.

Food flavored e-liquids are not as widespread as others. However, with a bit of search, you might come across vapes with the delicious smell and aroma of scrambled eggs, pizza, roasted chicken, bacon, rice pudding, french toast, tart base, baked potatoes, and much more. As a beginner trying to quit smoke with vaping, trying out something deliciously different sounds like a good idea. 


A beginner looking to experiment with these flavored e-liquids will have difficulty picking a favorite. Sometimes, exploring and enjoying the variety of options is the way to go. Beginners with a sweet tooth rarely go wrong choosing vape e-liquids inspired by fruits, candy, and dessert. Those at the earliest stage of quitting smoking are better off with menthol and tobacco flavored e-juices while tasting and smelling drinks and food when vaping provides its own unique experience

In addition, ensure to guide against flavor ghosting when trying out different vape e-liquid flavors. Therefore, proper cleaning and maintenance of your clearomizer are essential when switching e-liquid flavors.