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How to Stay Warm and Cozy for the Winter

How to Stay Warm and Cozy
Hacks to stay warm and cosy during the winter season.
How to stay warm and cozy
How to stay warm and cozy during the winter season.

Hacks to stay warm and cosy during the winter season: from thick socks, warm liquids, heating pads, fleecy PJs and blanket like clothes. 

It definitely feels good not to be hot and sweaty all the time when summer hits in full force. But when the colder months start to creep in, the chilly winter breeze can send shivers up your spine if you’re not layered up enough. 

Winter is not for everyone and the cold can bother some people. You might be reluctant to turn the heater on because that’s only going to spike your electric bill. So, what can you do to stay warm and cozy for the winter without having to turn up the heat? Well, luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep you warm and toasty at home until winter passes. 

Dressing warmly during the winter is a necessity, and more important than you might realize. Did you know that you could get seriously ill and even run the risk of hypothermia if you’re not dressed properly to beat out the cold? Your feet, neck, head, and face are the areas of your body that you should pay particular attention to when you’re trying to stay warm. Especially the feet, because that is often where we start to feel the chill that winter brings first. 

Layer Up

Sometimes, you’ve got to layer up, even when you’re home. Wearing a few layers is still better than dealing with an expensive electric bill at the end of the month. Pile on the warm clothing to stay nice and snug. The secret is to wear thick material as your layers to ensure you’re blocking out the cold as much as possible. You won’t even feel the cold if you’ve got the right kind of clothing on. 

Thick Socks and Slippers Are Your Best Friend

Did you know that your feet are where you feel the chill the most? When your feet get cold, the rest of your body quickly follows. Keep your feet warm during the peak winter period where the cold is at its coldest by wearing both thick socks and thick slippers around your home. Thick wool socks are super comfortable during this time of year, not to mention your feet will feel nice and snug. 

Make Warm Liquids A Go-to

Warm liquids like hot water, soups, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate are the quickest and easiest way to heat your body up from the inside. When winter is starting to creep in, stock up on liquids and beverages that will help you stay nice and warm. It’s not a long-term fix, but it certainly helps when you need to warm up quickly without turning the heater on. 

Invest In Heating Pads

For an extra dose of heat in addition to your layers, microwaveable heating pads are a fantastic solution. They’re inexpensive and when you’re cold, they make a massive difference. Simply heat it up in the microwave and use them whenever you’re feeling cold. You could hold them to warm up your hands or place them under your feet when you’re resting on the couch. You’ll instantly notice a difference in the way that you feel. 

How to Stay Warm and Cozy
How to Stay Warm and Cozy. Even your pet dog can appreciate the comfort of fleece PJs…

Fleecy PJs Are Going to Be A Game Changer

Did you know fleece PJs are the best kind of PJs to lounge about the house in during winter? The secret lies in the piles. These are the ones that will keep you warm when they’re against your skin because it increases your body temperature. This is what makes fleece the number one go-to when it comes to stay toasty and warm until those chilly months are done and dusted. 

Get Thick Blankets

Thick blankets are a great addition to every home during the winter season. Whether you’re curled up on the couch or in bed, pulling a thick and warm blanket over you to snuggle up in will instantly lift your spirits and keep you warm. When shopping around for blankets, look for the ones that are made of insulated material. Not only are they super soft and feel great against your skin, they do a fantastic job of keeping you warm, which is why you need them in the first place. 

How to Stay Warm and Cozy
How to Stay Warm and Cozy. Pictured Kozy Bear for Kids.

Wrap Yourself In Your Cozy Blanket-like Clothes

There is no better feeling than to feel warm, toasty, and super comfortable in your own home. With some snacks and a nice cup of hot chocolate, you’re ready to feel as snug as a bug as you cuddle up on the couch, ready to watch your favorite movie. Luckily, they have now invented pieces of clothing that specifically fulfil that purpose. 

Big, oversized, warm, plush, wearable blankets have quickly risen in popularity since they were first introduced. There’s a very good reason for that too. They’re so warm and comfortable that they make you feel like you never want to take them off. Sometimes, you almost wish you could wear them outside too.

Well, guess what? You can! Because Kafto has created a range of warm, plush kaftans called the Kozy Bear. This range from the popular kaftan brand is made from plush teddy material and a jersey knit lining. This ensures that you have that silky smooth feel on the inside, and a winter ready layer on the outside. This is the kaftan life taken to an entirely new level, and it is a level that you will never want to come down from. 

Not only is the Kozy range super comfortable, the oversized hood and perfectly placed pockets will make you wish the Kozy was the only thing that you could wear during those colder, chillier months. Did you know that it also comes with optional bear ears too? Just in case you wanted to look extra cute while you were relaxing at home. Yes, the Kozy is definitely  better than your favorite coat. It’s your adult approved teddy bear. It’s your rainy day at home best friend. Feeling toasty warm doesn’t get any better than this. 

With the Kozy range, you’ll be saying “the cold never bothered me anyway” in no time too.