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Typical House Staff That Celebrities Have

Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions
Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions & Unlikely Friendships. Pictured Lady Gaga.
Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions
Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions & Unlikely Friendships. Pictured Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions. The unlikely friendships that sometimes happen. 

We all know there is no such thing as a typical celebrity, but in general, they seem to like to keep their homes private. Therefore it can be assumed that they would like to keep certain aspects of their lives private also. The people who give up their privacy for this job are the house staff.

Typical House Staff That Celebrities Have

The house staff are people who are employed to maintain your house, give it life, and take care of you while you are there. They can be butlers or chefs or nannies or gardeners or maids. There may even be more than one type of person employed to do certain tasks in your home. You can have butlers, chefs, maids, and nannies all in one house. Generally, it is the person with the most money who has the most people employed to maintain their homes.

The idea that someone else cleans up after you is very foreign to many Americans, who are used to doing things for themselves. Even if you are rich, it is difficult to let go of daily chores that most people don’t want to do anymore.

House Staff Issues

Example 1

Whether or not the house staff you employ does their job for money, they may sometimes do things that most people would consider taking advantage of a situation. In the case of Lindsay Lohan’s home, her house staff thought it was okay to continue working when she was in jail because they believed that in her absence, they were doing damage control.

We may love the idea of having help in our homes and in our lives, but we don’t always like the people who do it. For celebrities, whose lives are so often out for everyone to see, it is inevitable that they will encounter house staff issues.

Example 2

One of the more interesting examples of this was when Mariah Carey’s nanny sued her for not paying overtime. The nanny had worked 98 hours in one week, and she took care of twins on top of all the rest of the work expected out of a typical nanny. She sued Mariah Carey because she wasn’t paid overtime and didn’t receive a yearly bonus.

9 Typical House Staff Positions And Their Job Descriptions:

    1. Maid

Maids clean your home, but they also do the laundry. They are there to make sure your clothes are clean and pressed before you wear them again.

    2. Chef

The chef is different from the maid because the chef prepares meals for you, not just cleans up after them. There are many different types of chefs. Some are sushi chefs, some are French-trained, and some are just good at cooking American food.

    3. Butler

A butler is a servant who has fewer responsibilities than a maid or a chef. They serve you drinks and get things for you usually while the other two people take care of your home.

    4. Gardener

A gardener takes care of your plants and lawn. They make sure it is beautiful for you when you get outside or come home.

    5. Nanny

A nanny takes care of the children. Some nannies are just there to watch them while the parents are away; others get involved in more of their lives and give them a more structured environment.

    6. Health Aide

A home health aide helps people who need help after an illness or injury but don’t need to go to a hospital. They can also help with cooking and cleaning if the person is too sick or hurt to do that for themselves. 

They also help with rehab at home or help the homebound person to get to a doctor’s appointment. Most drug rehabs will only be needed for inpatient care for a couple of weeks; the rest of the recovery process and therapy happens at home.

   7. Driver

A driver takes you where you need to go and helps with errands. This person also has to know how to take care of your car and make sure it runs well for you.

   8. Bodyguard

A bodyguard is someone who keeps you safe. They make sure you are not harassed and help if your home is ever intruded upon. They also make sure you get where you want to go safely.

   9. Personal Assistant

This job is different from all the others because their main priority isn’t one particular task; it’s to make sure every aspect of your life runs smoothly. Personal assistants take care of whatever you need so you can focus on more important things.

Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions
Celebrity House Staff & their Job Descriptions & Unlikely Friendships. Pictured Lady Gaga.

These are some of the typical house staff that celebrities employ. Each one of them can help make your life easier, whether it is maintaining your home or helping you live your life.

The average house staff member is almost always overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. As long as this continues to be the case, there will continue to be stories about celebrity mistreatment of their house staff.

Who manages the house staff?

For many celebrities, it’s one of their assistants. Usually, this person is appointed to handle the house staff after problems arise with other people, like the celebrity’s family or significant other.

House staff can be difficult at times because you have complete strangers in your home all day long. Many celebrities try to ease the tension by providing them with incentives, like a bonus at the end of the year or a better child care situation for their nanny.

Although it may be difficult to manage your house staff properly, as long as you treat them with respect and stay professional, things should go well. After all, they are helping you maintain your life so you can focus on other things.

There You Have It

The idea of having people at your beck and call like this is like a dream for most people. The chance to get away and relax knowing that everything is taken care of while you’re gone is very enticing. The kinds of staff you need will depend on your needs and what you can afford to spend. 

Celebrities who have more money than they know what to do with typically have so many people employed in their homes that they don’t really get to know any of them well. It is very unusual for celebrities to form friendships with their employees, yet sometimes they do!