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Alaska baby abandoned by mother found: no charges

Alaska baby abandoned mother found
Mother of Alaska baby Teshawn abandoned in cardboard box found.
Alaska baby abandoned mother found
Mother of Alaska baby Teshawn abandoned in cardboard box found.

Alaska baby abandoned in cardboard box with note by mother found: Mother identified as juvenile teenager who gave premature birth to Teshawn and left him in Fairbanks street. 

The mother of a newborn baby who was found abandoned in a cardboard box with a note earlier this week in a ‘freezing’ Fairbanks street has been located.

In a statement, Alaska State Troopers said the mother was a juvenile and described her as being a teenager. The boy, who the teen mother named Teshawn was born 12 weeks prematurely. The child authorities added was healthy. 

‘The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the baby being abandoned is ongoing, and no criminal charges have been filed at this time,’ Alaska State Troopers said Wednesday, adding that the ‘juvenile mother’ was taken to a hospital for evaluation and care according to the Anchorage Daily News

The infant boy was nestled under blankets in the box, which was left near some mailboxes in Fairbanks on New Year’s Eve, when the temperature was just 1 degree.

The woman who found him, Fairbanks woman, Roxy Lane posted video on Facebook (since removed) of the note that was left, which was headlined, ‘Please help me!!!’

‘They NEVER wanted to do this to me’ 

‘My parents and grandparents don’t have food or money to raise me,’ the handwritten note stated. ‘They NEVER wanted to do this to me.

‘My mom is so sad to do this,’ the note continued. ‘Please take me and find me a LOVING FAMILY. My parents are begging whoever finds me. My name is Teshawn.’

The poster speculated that the mother might not have realized that Alaska has a safe haven law that allows unwanted babies to be dropped with police, firefighters, or paramedics until they are 21 days old.

‘I hope the mother gets the help she might need. I doubt they could have afforded to take her to the hospital and she may be in need of medical attention. Please, someone knows this new mom, check on her! She might be in a desperate situation, feeling abandoned herself,’ Roxy Lane wrote on Facebook.

‘Clearly, someone in our community felt so lost and hopeless that they made probably the hardest choice of their lives to leave that innocent life on the side of the road with nothing but some blankets and a name,’ she continued according to the DailyBeast.

‘But she named him! There’s some love there, even if she made a terrible decision. I know we’re all struggling, I see it. I see you. I love you all and I’m here. Today I saved a baby and I’ll probably think about Teshawn for the rest of my life.’

Police had taken a sample of Teshawn’s DNA in an effort to identify relatives, but it’s not clear if that played a role in finding the mother. The mother’s age was not provided. Authorities have declined to charge the teen mother, given that the girl may not have been aware of Alaska’s Safe Haven Law. 

Teshawn was at present in the care of the Office of Children’s Services.