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Top Internet Gaming Trends in 2021

Online Gaming Trends 2021
Online Gaming Trends 2021.
Online Gaming Trends 2021
Future of Online Gaming Trends in 2021: internet platforms & player paradigms

Future of Online Gaming: Trends in 2021 and beyond as internet technology continues to offer new platforms and player paradigms. 

It can be really difficult having to keep up with all the latest changes and developments in the world of technology. However, there’s one sub-industry in tech that’s continuing to dominate many mass markets all over the world and that’s gaming. Of course, in this day and age, that also entails online gaming. The world is becoming increasingly connected thanks to the increased accessibility of high-speed internet in many parts of the globe. But more than just that, there are a bunch of different emerging trends among consumers, manufacturers, and developers that make for a very interesting market dynamic these days.

In this article, we are going to go over the top internet gaming trends for 2021:

Cloud-Based Gaming

Cloud-based gaming is becoming all the rage these days because it allows the average gamer with relatively outdated hardware to still run top-tier gaming titles. The way that cloud-based gaming services like Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna work is that sophisticated software embedded in the cloud does all of the game rendering and processing within high-end servers. This will result in higher game immersion and improved latency when it comes to gaming online. Granted, the cloud-based gaming industry is still in its infantile stage. However, there is so much room for potential here when it comes to gaming development. It’s further democratizing high-end gaming for the masses.

Online Casinos

Social gaming is definitely the top trend when it comes to online gaming. However, not all gamers are satisfied with mere social gaming. There is also a rising popularity for online casino gaming, especially for casino patrons who were deprived of their favorite hobby during the pandemic. It’s estimated that the online casino industry saw massive numbers in 2020 with revenues shooting as high as $227 billion globally. This has led to a mild oversaturation of the online casino space with many platforms offering different casino bonuses and promotions for potential newcomers. Online time will tell as to how high the online casino industry can climb, especially considering that traditional casinos are now starting to open up again. However, there’s very little reason to believe that the industry won’t continue to soar and shatter old records when it comes to revenues.

Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain gaming is also a rising trend in the gaming industry these days. Of course, blockchain technology is slowly starting to integrate itself into various aspects of daily life. But it’s especially prevalent in industries that have shown great potential for returns on investments; much like the gaming industry. There are many gamers nowadays who hop on blockchain-integrated platforms that allow them to earn cryptocurrency while actually gaming. These platforms also offer transactions for certain items, traits, characters, or other downloadable content through crypto trading. Many financial analysts claim that cryptocurrency will someday make fiat money obsolete. While that day may not necessarily come soon, many think that hopping on the crypto bandwagon early will yield the best returns in the long run. 

Online Gaming Trends 2021
Online Gaming Trends 2021.


More than just actually gaming these days, there are many people who are looking to stream their favorite gaming sessions. Content platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch have allowed gamers to broadcast their gaming sessions to a wide audience of fans all over the world. Many gamers are investing heavily into streaming hardware that allows them to interact with their audiences while playing their favorite titles. 

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have been making the rounds in the technology space for quite a while now. However, more and more gamers are now seeing the value of these two technologies as both hardware and software components have found more innovative ways to integrate these two features within platforms. Earlier, it was discussed that the online casino industry is a booming one. And one particular trend that’s emerging in online casino gaming is the integration of AR and VR into casino platforms. This allows gamers to virtually explore digital casino platforms as if they were exploring traditional physical casinos. 

Remakes and Reboots

Lastly, many game developers are looking to capitalize on the nostalgia of older gamers by coming out with remakes and reboots. Franchises like Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, and even Grand Theft Auto have all recently come out with remasters of their most successful gaming titles. And considering the success of these games, it’s hard to see this trend dying down anytime soon.