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10 essential ingredients for a harmonious couple life

harmonious love life
Love logic for couples: Secrets to achieving a harmonious love life with your partner.
harmonious love life
Love logic for couples: Secrets to achieving a harmonious love life with your partner.

Secrets to achieving a harmonious love life with your partner. What to pay attention to and how to get there. 

A loving and happy married life is possible!

Many people live in perfect love, wondering if they never argue and if they have a secret to keep the flame alive every day despite the ups and downs of love. A couple’s life is not always rosy, there can be ups and downs, but it is up to the lovers to make it better and to create happiness. There is no miracle recipe for a harmonious relationship, it’s something you have to work on together, and here are 10 secrets to succeed.

Be loving

You love your partner, certainly, he knows it, but try to remind him as often as possible. Don’t skimp on compliments then, compliment your other half on their qualities. Kindness, gentleness and tenderness, these three ingredients must be part of your daily life. Make sure that the love and attention you give to each other is reciprocated. Never take the other person for granted, otherwise you will tend to neglect them.

Admit your faults

Don’t expect perfection in a relationship. Your road will be full of pitfalls. No one is perfect, you and your partner can make mistakes. The important thing is to accept the mistakes and find ways to heal the wounds. According to clinical sexologist Michel Lemieux, “You can’t ask the other person to forgive you if you don’t work to fix the mistake or if you repeat it.”

Explore new horizons

You will feel more freedom and a sense of renewal if you leave behind the monotony and try new things. This doesn’t mean that you should go looking for a new partner, what you have to do is to take risks, do new activities and try new experiences that would bring you even closer and bring happiness to your cocoon. And don’t be afraid to explore unfamiliar territory. According to psychologist Alain Delourme: “To stay alive and evolve, a couple, just like an individual, must have projects.”

Give yourself some space

Being in a couple does not mean merging into one person, you only share a life. Everyone has their own needs, so respect them. You should never imprison the other person and deprive him or her of friends or personal time because these are vital to the balance of the relationship. In no case, you can’t provide for all his needs or yours.

Learn to argue without spitting at each other

Arguments are an integral part of life together. Being in harmony doesn’t mean living without conflict, but knowing how to handle arguments. For most people in love, this is difficult, but there are secrets to getting there. First, never speak in an accusatory tone so that the other person doesn’t feel attacked. During arguments, use “I”, this will have an anaesthetic effect that will ease the tension. Then, learn to listen and understand the frustrations to avoid a long conflict. Finally, you must avoid insults at all costs in order not to break the heart of your partner.

Be sensual

For more attraction and desire, sensuality is the key. All the signs of affection and sensual gestures such as kisses and caresses bring a favorable environment to the relationship. Unfortunately, most couples don’t even take the time to do foreplay before making love, they go straight to the point and forget about sensuality and tenderness. According to Michel Lemieux, “Some men tend to sexualize every cuddle, which puts off their partners, who end up avoiding the affection they need.”

Tell him your needs

Your partner will never know what you really want if you don’t talk about it. You are in need of affection or you expect something from him, do not hesitate to express your needs. Forget the subtle messages, tell your partner directly what you want, and help him or her make it happen. Sometimes it happens that we doubt our partner and the thought arises about “track my girlfriend iphone”. This is not very good, because trust is broken, so always say what you think and harbor doubts in your soul.

Redefine the verb “to love”

In theories of interpersonal relationships, Harry Stack Sullivan, American psychiatrist defined love as follows: “To love is to consider the other person’s need as important as my own.” This definition equates the needs of lovers and their responsibility in the couple. It eradicates all forms of selfishness and establishes reciprocity in all areas.

harmonious love life
Secret for finding a harmonious love life: learning to compromise.

Find a compromise

You have your way of doing things and so does he, but as a couple, you must find an agreement, it will not be your way of doing things or his way of doing things that you must adopt, but “our” way of doing things which is the rapprochement of both. You don’t agree on the frequency of excessive visits from friends or relatives, try to find an agreement, and reserve the rest for you two. There are lots of solutions, just know how to negotiate, and don’t forget to consider your own needs for a perfect balance.