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Brian Laundrie was controlling & suffered episodes Gabby Petito best friend says

Brian Laundrie equipped to survive for months in Florida nature reserve
Brian Laundrie equipped to survive for months in Florida nature reserve as seasoned solo trekking pro continues to evade authorities. Image via screenshot.
gabby petito best friend
Pictured, Gbby Petito best friend, Rose Davis of Saratosa, Florida. Image via YouTube.

Brian Laundrie was controlling & suffered episodes Gabby Petito friend, Rose Davis of Saratosa says as the search for the now missing boyfriend intensifies. 

A report has told of Gabby Petito’s boyfriend Brian Laundrie, being racked with jealousy and control issues that he would prohibit his 21 year old girlfriend from going out on her own or spending time with other friends.

The episodes would leave the 23 year old Florida man hearing voices in his head and unable to sleep according to a close friend of missing Long Island, NY native, Gabby Petito. 

Explained Rose Davis, 21, of Saratosa via the dailymail: He’s got these jealousy issues and he struggles from what Gabby called these “episodes,” where he would hear things and hear voices and wouldn’t sleep.’ 

The revelation follows reports of Laundrie who had continued to resist making any statements to police about the possible whereabouts of his missing girlfriend also seemingly vanishing – as authorities now searched for the Florida man’s whereabouts.

Davis, who described Laundrie as controlling and a manipulative, stole Petitio’s ID so she wouldn’t be able to go out to bars with her.

‘Brian wouldn’t let her make friends’ 

Petito according to the report, had described the episodes to Davis, which at times forced the 21 year to sleep at her house.

‘Gabby had to stay at my house a bunch of times because she just needed a breather and didn’t want to go home to him,’ Davis said. 

Davis said she ‘used to consider [Laundrie] a friend,’ after spending time with the couple.

Davis described herself as being one of Petito’s only friends after the Long Island native relocated to Florida and believed Laundrie was jealous of their relationship and taking her away from him.

She said the two friends would share locations on their iPhones to keep each other safe ‘in case we got lost,’ but Laundrie made Petito stop sharing once he found out.

‘He had this composure as a sweet, nice, caring guy. But you could tell he’s a little off, a little weird. Like, he’d set up our hammocks when we’d go to the beach, but wouldn’t sit with us, which I found bizarre,’ Davis told the dailymail. 

‘Brian has a jealousy issue,’ Rose said. ‘I’m her only friend in Florida to my knowledge and that’s not because she can’t make friends, he just didn’t want her to have friends.’

Gabby Petito missing
Gabby Petito best friend Rose Davis was supposed to meet up with the Long Island native only to never return her calls. Images via social media.

‘He was always worried she was going to leave him’ 

‘He was always worried she was going to leave him,’ she said. ‘It was a constant thing to try to get us to stop hanging out.’

Davis said that she’d last spoken to Petito in early August, where they discussed meeting up in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming for Davis’ birthday on Aug. 29. Davis said that she had requested off work for the days, but never went after never hearing back from Petito.

She said that the couple never fought in front of her, however she believed that she could tell when they had just had an argument. She said that within the first year of knowing her, Petito spent between seven and 10 nights at her house after they had fought.

‘I do believe that their relationship as they kept going on was getting more problematic. It just seemed like there was more and more arguments,’ she told the dailymail, adding that they had still planned on getting married despite Petito telling her mother it was called off.

‘Everything she did, I feel like he thought was wrong.’

Petito has not been seen since Aug. 30, when she was traversing the country with Laundrie.

Brian Laundrie missing
Pictured, Brian Laundrie missing boyfriend.

Petito was reported missing on Sept. 11 after going more than a week without contacting her family.

Laundrie returned alone in her van to the Florida home they shared on Sept. 1 and is now missing.

Davis said she spoke with North Port Police on Tuesday to give them all of the information she said. She’s considered reaching out to Laundrie.

‘I wanted to stand outside his house and to just beg him to tell me where he last saw her, but I know he won’t and I can’t force him to talk to me,’ Petito’s friend said. 

‘For all we know, he’s scared and handling this all wrong. I just wish he would talk. Just give me three words, the name of a park. Give me something, something.’