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Son arrested in Maryland cybersecurity executive murder

Andrew Weylin Beavers murders Juanita Koilpillai Maryland cybersecurity exec mother.
Andrew Weylin Beavers & Juanita Koilpillai
Andrew Weylin Beavers murders Juanita Koilpillai Maryland cybersecurity exec mother.

Andrew Weylin Beavers arrested in murder of Juanita Koilpillai Maryland cybersecurity executive mother. No known motive. 

Maryland authorities have arrested the son of a successful 58-year-old cyber security executive, alleging he murdered her on July 25 inside her new waterfront home in Tracys Landing.

Juanita Koilpillai was found dead outside her Chesapeake Bay side community home shortly after being reported missing by her boyfriend according to Anne Arundel County Police Department

Koilpillai’s body according to police exhibited ‘multiple sharp force wounds,’ with her death deemed a homicide. Her vehicle was missing from the residence the Washington Post reported.

In a news release issued over the weekend, police said they arrested her son Andrew Weylin Beavers in Leesburg, Virginia, and charged him with first and second-degree murder. Police found the car at the location in Leesburg, and said Beavers had a fresh laceration on his right hand that he could not explain. Beavers, 23, lived in the home with his mother. Police said the attack was ‘a targeted incident and not a random act of violence.’

Inside the car, investigators found several key pieces of evidence, including the suspected murder weapon — a knife. Forensic testing on the knife detected the DNA of two different individuals: Koilpillai and her son, Andrew Beavers.

Against all odds

Beavers was taken into custody in Virginia Saturday and is awaiting extradition back to Maryland.

He has not entered pleas to the charges, and does not have a lawyer of record.

Perhaps what makes Koilpillai’s death even more heartfelt is the adversity and challenges the woman of color had to overcome as he became a tech pioneer.

Koilpillai grew up in Sri Lanka and India before earning a master’s in computer science and mathematics at the University of Kansas.

Tech visionary

Koilpillai had worked in computer security and network management for three decades, and, with her ex-husband, founded Cyberwolf, an advanced automated attack warning system used by the government. They later sold the company to cyber security software company Symantec, according to the The Capital Gazette

‘To grow a startup into a great company and then sell it to a bigger technology company was an incredible accomplishment,’ said her best friend, Connie Moore according to the Gazette.

‘But to do it as a woman, to do it as a as a person of color, just speaks volumes about her tenacity, about her brilliance, about her business acumen, about her technology expertise, it was extraordinary,’ Moore added. ‘Then, she did it again.’

Koilpillai went on to found Waverley Labs, a leading provider of digital risk management software and services, and served as its CEO.

In June, she helped launch Resiliant, which uses software-defined perimeters to secure information online.

‘I’ll say [she was] a certifiable genius,’ said Dr. Ron Martin, a close friend and professor at Capitol Technology University.

Authorities did not reveal what may have led to the cyber executive son to allegedly murdering his own mother.