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How To Install A Polaris Ranger Door

Install A Polaris Ranger Door
How To Install A Polaris Ranger Door: Upgrading for the latest 2021 ranger.
Install A Polaris Ranger Door
How To Install A Polaris Ranger Door: Upgrading for the latest 2021 ranger.

How To Install A Polaris Ranger Door: A step by step guide for maximum efficiency and optimization while accesorizing and upgrading for the latest 2021 ranger. 

The 2021 Polaris Ranger Doors are functional, cheap, and fragile. While riding or working, getting in and out frequently can be a crucial hindrance. Moreover, doors are at the top of the list while accessorizing and upgrading the rangers. However, the instructions provided by car maker are not always clear. Keeping that in mind, here’s a step-by-step guide for installing Polaris ranger doors.

Steps Involved In Installing Polaris Ranger Doors


In the package, you will get an entire hardware kit and instructions given for installing the door. The full hardware sets will include two hinge brackets, two hinge plates, a latch plate, some necessary nuts and bolts to secure all the sets. You will require a half-inch socket or box wrench to do the task.

Installing The Lower Hinge Pivot

Firstly, you need to install the lower hinge pivot. Attach the hinge pivot on the large cab bolts of the dump latch on the Ranger. Tie them enough to start the snug up. They should be tight enough to support the weight.

Preparation Of Doors

The next step involves preparing the door for installation. For this process, you need to bolt the two hinge plates to the door assembly. The larger plate goes on the lower side of the door. Unlike the hinge pivot, snug these bolts but do not fully tighten them.

Hanging The Doors

Then, hang the door and attach the upper hinge. Take the black nylon washer from the hardware kit and place the one on the hinge post that has already been installed. Now, add some grease and set the door on the lower hinge. Put a nylon washer and add some oil on the upper hinge post. Then, fix them into the door bracket.

Installing The Upper Hinge

Wiggle, shake and adjust the doors and brackets as required to get things lined up. Take a flat frame with two nuts welded to it and slide it behind the square bracket on the roll cage. Then, insert the bolt and snug them up to secure the top hinge.

Making Adjustments

Since all the bolts should be a little bit loose, check the gaps by closing the doors. Adjust the door until the openings are even and the weather stripping is connected from all three sides. Now begin tightening down all the hardware.

Attaching The Latch Striker

Unlike the rest of the steps, leave the bolts slightly loose while installing the bolt striker. Then, shut the door up to ensure that it latches. Adjust the striker accordingly to ensure a clean latch. If you find the door slightly loose, move the brackets towards the steering wheel.

Double-Check Your Fastener

Now that you have installed everything in place, double-check it to ensure everything is torqued down and that you did not miss any bolts. 

After successfully installing the 2021 Polaris Ranger Doors, remove the protective plastic sheet from the door and throw them into the dustbin. Lastly, install the accent plate to make it look new from the factory.