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Sexual activity benefits on health & well-being

Sexual activity benefits
Sexual activity benefits on health & well-being: Benefits of Love Making Between Consenting Adults.
Sexual activity benefits
Sexual activity benefits on health & well-being: Benefits of Love Making Between Consenting Adults.

Sexual activity benefits on health & well-being: Having sex is a biological necessity and it’s proven to be good for us. An expose of how love making leads to an increased physical and mental well being. 

Sexual activity is one of the most overlooked ways to remain healthy. From making love with a partner to watching gay porn, getting off regularly is a great way to keep our bodies ticking the way they should. It’s no surprise really, as it’s a very natural thing to do – but we should still explore some of the more surprising benefits. Here are the five major benefits:

Boosts Libido

It’s like most things in life, the more we do something, the better we are at it. Or rather, the more we crave and have the capacity for it. The more exercise you do, the more energized you will feel. Likewise, the more sex you have, the more your libido will increase. Abstinence can often indicate to the body that it needn’t produce as much of the relevant sexual hormone.

Furthermore, regular sex helps vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and blood flow, meaning regular sex can help make it feel better than infrequent sex and may provide a boost to sexual pleasure with the aid of Semenax.

Improves immune system

Sexually active people have been proven to take fewer sick days. It’s thought that those who regularly have sex will have better immune systems to fights off germs and viruses. Of course, this is only relevant when practicing safe sex. A study also proved that college students who had sex once or twice a week would have higher levels of antibodies than those who didn’t – though.

Lower blood pressure

Research has indicated a relationship between sex and the lowering of blood pressure. However, this study was on sexual intercourse specifically, and not masturbation – though, we can estimate that there’s a good chance of a similar relationship. This may be because of hormonal improvements, but also due to the exercise aspect of sex.


Of course, sex is an activity that is essentially an exercise. Whilst it won’t work you as hard as a long run, it burns several calories per minute and will contribute to fat loss. Furthermore, depending on how sedentary you are, this may be one of the few forms of exercise you get, making it all the more important. If you’re a super fit gym-goer, then sex for exercise is less important. Of course you might want to be adventurous and burn off even more calories.

Improves bladder control for women

Sex can work out the pelvic floor muscles, mostly from the contractions upon orgasm. This strong pelvic floor can then mean having a better bladder – something that many women struggle with. This can also further be improved by kegel exercises, which are the purposeful contraction and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscle. These tie in heavily to the benefits of sex.

All of the above benefits add up to other benefits as a result, such as better heart health from balanced hormones and regular exercise, meaning heart attack risk has reduced. Balanced hormones also lead to other benefits such as lower prostate cancer risk, hair loss, improving sleep, and reducing stress. 

Furthermore, sex can also help with pain relief as the hormones increase your pain threshold. So, arthritic pains and headaches can be improved, though temporarily, through orgasm.