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TikTok star, 27, never kissed before virgin: No I dont have high standards

Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11
Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11
Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11
Pictured, Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11

Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11 confesses to having never kissed or dated or been physical with anyone ever before. Confronting being alone and pressure to be sexual.

Maybe it will all change now that she has gone public…? 

A 27-year-old woman has revealed that she has never dated, kissed, or been physically intimate with anyone in her life, explaining that she wanted to share her story to show others in the same situation that they’re not alone.  

Emily Lewis, who is known as @msemilyrose11 on TikTok, has gone viral after opening up about her personal life in a candid video.

‘I’m 27 years old. I have never dated anybody. I have never kissed anybody. I have never been physical in any way shape or form with the opposite sex, and I am attracted to men. Not even come close… ever. Not once,’ the California native shared with her 34K plus followers. 

Emily who is Christian, said she was inspired to go public about her experience after seeing another woman make a similar confession on TikTok along with making people feeling less alone according to UK’s The Sun.

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‘We’re not alone’

‘TikTok just blew up. They just couldn’t believe it. The comments were just insane, and I just wanted to say it because I thought, honestly, there’s not many of us that I know of, and I’d love to know of more,’ she explained. 

‘So if there are more men and women out there near this age where it is just bizarre to the world, I would love to know if you exist, and I just wanted to let you guys know that I exist. I want her to know that I exist and that we’re not alone.’

The video has led to a couple of million of views and thousands of people commenting to show their support for her. 

‘I [wish] I had your self respect. You are a blessing,’ one person wrote, while another added: ‘This needs to be normalized.’

‘I think the most common misconception is that alone DOES NOT equal LONELY,’ someone else noted. 

Emily’s candor inspired many others to reveal that they are in similar situations.

TikTok user never kissed or dated before
Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11

Social media relates

‘I want to cry because I’ve found my people,’ one TikTok user commented. ‘No one understands me and just judges me and tries to rush me into stuff I’m not okay with.’

‘Uhm… I’m embarrassed but empowered by you to admit this… 33 here and same. It’s great to know I’m not alone,’ another person added. 

Someone else wrote: ‘ME! US! WE ARE NORMAL!’ 

People also had plenty of questions about her upbringing, sexuality, and dating history, which she answered in a series of follow-up videos.  

‘I had no idea how much traction my video would get. I didn’t know my life experience, my lack of life experience, would be so relatable,’ she admitted. 

Emily stressed that she is happy with her life, and while she would like to find a partner, it’s not her main concern. 

TikTok user never kissed or dated before
TikTok user never kissed or dated before

‘I’m really happy single’

‘I’ve never set out to not date. I just honestly have never met anybody I would want to get in a relationship with, and I’m really happy single,’ she explained. ‘I just am very fulfilled in my life. So if somebody would come along that I could complement and they would complement me, cool, let’s go. But it just hasn’t happened yet. 

‘I’ve been raised in a really small town, really close with my family, just really, really so content and my life feels so full that seeking out a relationship just for a relationship has never been me,’ she added. 

Commenters questioned if she is asexual or has too-high expectations, but she insisted none of those things are true. 

‘No, I am not asexual. Nothing wrong with that, but I could not be farther from that,’ she said. ‘No, my expectations or my standards are not through the life whatsoever. I just don’t have expectations. 

‘I just really trust God 100 percent. He’s not failed me yet, and I don’t believe he ever will, so I will leave the standards and expectations setting to him.’

The TikToker went on to clarify that she has been on a few dates before, but she has never seriously dated anyone.   

‘I’ve never entered in a relationship with anybody,’ she explained. ‘I’m on an online dating website. I’m on Hinge. Nothing has come of it.’

Online dating sites aren’t the all and be all of meeting people and one might pleasantly surprise themselves with whom they could potentially meet by engaging a variety of individuals, meets, activities, travel, beyond their usual social circle.

There were also a number of questions about how Emily was raised, with the 27 year old saying she had a ‘really healthy upbringing’ without any trauma. 

Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11
Emily Rose TikTok user @msemilyrose11

But is there anyone to blame? 

‘I am the youngest of six kids, and I am the only one experiencing life in this way,’ she said. ‘So if that helps to answer what role my parents’ upbringing plays in why I am experiencing life the way that I am. It’s pretty safe to say it didn’t. 

‘I’m not disappointed in where I am at, so I don’t want to say “can’t blame them” because there is nothing to blame anybody for, and I also don’t want to say “give credit,” even though they deserve credit for a hell of a lot. They’re really epic parents. I just mean I am solely responsible for where I am at 27 years old.’

Emily stressed that she has just never had the opportunity to date anyone, though she has been asked out a couple of times.   

‘I’ve definitely had my fair share of crushes. They’ve never been mutual,’ she explained. ‘I’ve never had feelings for somebody the same time they’ve had feelings for me.’ 

In one follow-up video, she opened up about how she used to weigh 325 pounds. A commenter who was struggling with obesity wanted to know if she felt her previous weight had held her back in any way. 

Emily, who lost over 120 pounds, said her weight consumed her thoughts a decade ago when she was feeling particularly insecure. She used to think, ‘If you were skinny, you could have this,’ but then she realized there wasn’t any guy she actually wanted. 

This author’s hunch is if Emily keeps the pounds off and maintains a healthy BMI and keeps up her healthy attitude towards life she might in time meet someone who feels the same way about her as they might openly feel about her – yes males are physical visual creatures, but also capable of deep bonds once past initial appearances.

‘I’d be like, “Who is it that you’re wanting right now that you feel doesn’t want you back? Who?” And I could never come up with anybody that I wanted, like actually wanted to pursue and get in a relationship with,’ she recalled. 

‘I just haven’t experience that, so I don’t think that my weight has had anything to do with it. I think it’s more of just I have not met anybody I want to date.’ 

As for getting married and having children, she is open to it, but she knows she will be happy either way.    

‘If I stay single the rest of my life, I know I can do a really freaking good job of living a good life, so that’s okay,’ she explained. ‘But I’ve also, honestly since I was a kid, always pictured myself being married with children. I’ve always had a desire to be a mom, but I’m not set on it. 

‘That’s why it’s just so important to me that I remember my value at all times so that I don’t chase something that I think I want and sacrifice something I know I deserve.’