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7 Trustworthy Websites to Take Online Classes

Online Classes You Should be taking
Which Online Classes should you be taking to update your skillset?
Online Classes You Should be taking
Which Online Classes should you be taking to update your skillset?

Online Classes you should be thinking about as a major addition to your education, knowledge, up to date skills and gaining inside edge in an online world. 

With the rise of the pandemic, the world became closed. Most of the time, we work remotely, buy food and clothes online, and order delivery right to the house threshold. But it is in human nature to be curious about the world and learn new things. Though all schools and colleges have gone remote, you can always find online platforms to learn new skills. 

You can use online classes as an addition to your major education. If you are wondering, ‘how can I learn Spanish’ or ‘how should I write my paper,’ check the best 7 sites you can find answers to any question you have about the world. 

Why Should a Modern Student Consider Online Classes?

The real colleges and universities are closed. Yet online classes are getting more popular.

  • Broaden your professional knowledge. As a diligent student, you might have read tons of books and listened to tons of lectures, but something feels wrong. Whether these are some unclear moments in the class material or additional questions, check online classes. They will have all the answers you need to gain more knowledge on the subject.
  • Improve your skills. Sometimes, the problems we have stem from things non-related to education. For instance, you are smart. But disorganization and financial troubles do not add to your motivation to study. In this case, you can find some classes to develop self-organization skills and financial literacy.
  • You live far from college or work. Online classes are a great way to get an education degree without leaving the comfort of your home. Many colleges and universities offer online courses, which are cheap and convenient to learn. This is an especially great opportunity for those students who combine daily work with studying.


With educational applications getting popular, no wonder that online platforms become trendy. Coursera is definitely the trendiest platform among all education sites. With a wide range of disciplines like data science, MBA, design, or engineering, Coursera is the best place to upgrade one’s skills and knowledge. You can study in top-notch colleges with the oldest knowledge traditions without the need to leave your room. 

The platform suggests more than 5 000 specializations, 40 certificates, and 25 degrees. All courses are created and owned by more than 200 world-known universities. A student is supposed to pay for each course they take in order to receive a diploma. However, there are plenty of free courses to choose from as well. 

Online Classes You Should be taking
Which Online Classes should you be taking to advance your career?


Though the courses are not accredited, like ones on Coursera, and are personally owned, you still get excellent knowledge. Unlike other platforms, Skillshare specializes mostly in design, art, and illustration. The entry fee is $19 each month or $8.25 if a student considers annual membership. 

Skillshare has long been reviewed as one of the best platforms for studying because it focuses on creativity. Like critical thinking skills, creativity is important since it allows a student to solve a problem in a new way. We definitely advise you to check Skillshare if you want to boost your skills or teach others.

New Masters Academy 

A perfect place for amateur and professional artists. Art schools and colleges are extremely expensive. With the student loans getting higher, New Masters Academy is an excellent option to choose from 1500 hours of streaming. You can learn anything from drawing animals and people to painting and sculpting. The site has more than 35 000 reference photos, and 3D models art students can use for practicing. 

The first trial week is free. Next, a user must choose a usual or premium plan, which will cost $39 or $49 respectively. We highly advise you to check the platform if you love art or are currently searching for a new hobby.


The newest site for education, MasterClass is a knowledge pool of anything you can only imagine. You can find everything from dog training to cooking and scientific thinking. The site will give you tips on how to appreciate wine, act, bake bread, and communicate your needs. All-in-one, MasterClass is stunning. The cherry on top is that the knowledge comes from celebrities in 12 fields. The fee is $15 per month if you choose annual membership.

Ever wanted to learn writing songs like Alicia Keys? Or act like Natalie Portman? Check MasterClass. Believe us, you will not regret it.


With 130 000 online courses, Udemy specializes in IT and software development, marketing, and business, among other categories. A separate category called ‘Udemy for Business’ includes over 5 500 Udemy courses for business teams. The courses are mostly personally-owned, ranging from free to expensive. 

The best thing about Udemy is that you study at your own pace. Studied enough? Become an instructor and share your professionalism with others. 


If you always entertained an idea of a perfect application for students, but never knew how to write or promote it, check BitDegree. The platform specializes in web and game development, AWS clouding, and data science. A student can learn anything from Python programming language to Android development. As a user, you no longer have to search for separate courses. Instead, they already come in packs. Just purchase the course you like and start learning. 


Created by Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EdX courses mostly specialize in science, technology, and economics. Like BitDegree, the platform advises its users to consider ‘learning paths,’ which are a set of disciplines aimed to teach you skills. Another great thing is free courses. A student must pay only in case they decide to obtain a certified degree. The price goes around $49. 

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has limited opportunities for learning. Students no longer have after-class meetings with their instructors or real-life discussions with their classmates. This is where online classes come to help. Whether it is BitDegree to learn a new programming language or Skillshare to learn design, online education is a great way to find new things or improve the skills you already have.