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Teen Lamborghini driver kills LA woman, after losing control street racing

Monique Munoz Lamborghini accident. Killed by speeding driver along Los Angeles streets.
Monique Munoz Lamborghini accident
Monique Munoz Lamborghini accident: Pictured woman killed as teen crashed while speeding in streets of Los Angeles.

Who’s son is he? Monique Munoz Los Angeles woman killed after teen driving Lamborghini crashes killing woman in high speed accident. Family demand full charges against driver as police continue to drag their feet …. but why? 

A 32 year old woman has died after a teen driving a Lamborghini crashed after allegedly reaching speeds of 120mph while street racing in the streets of Los Angeles.

Monique Munoz died in the two vehicle smash last Wednesday afternoon in California

Munoz a receptionist, was left trapped in the wreckage of the collision and died at the scene, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department

The 17-year-old driver – who has not been named – suffered minor injuries. It has since been revealed the son of ‘wealthy parents’ was driving without a license. 

Police said no arrests have been made in connection with the crash along a West Los Angeles highway as of Saturday but confirmed speed was definitely a factor. Of note, depending on the model, a Lamborghini can costs upwards of $400,000. 

‘…doing 120 miles per hour when he hit her’

Monique’s stepdad Isaac Cardona told CBS: ‘The child had a heart of gold, never hurt anybody, did everything right.

‘Kids racing down the street in a Lamborghini, 17 years old in a Lamborghini doing 120 miles per hour, hits and kills her. Senseless.

‘I want him prosecuted to the full extent of the law.’ 

Adding, ‘We know who the kid is. We know who the father is. We’re letting the law take care of him.

‘Like I said, who gives a teenager a Lamborghini? We found out last night, the teen doesn’t even have a license.’

Police were called to the scene after the Lamborghini driver collided with Munoz, who was driving a silver Lexus.

Cardona told ABC7: ‘An officer answered her phone because we were calling and calling, wondering where she was at because she should have been home.’

Monique Munoz Los Angeles Lamborghini accident
Monique Munoz Los Angeles Lamborghini accident

No charges yet

Her friends and family held a vigil at the crash spot over the weekend. 

GoFundMe set up to to help cover funeral expenses in the wake of Monique’s death had raised more than $36,256  as of Monday night. 

On it loved ones said: ‘This beautiful, accomplished woman was the heart and happiness of her family and was taken from us much too soon. 

‘Her family and friends were her life, she never missed a family gathering or a chance to help a friend and she only had love and kindness in her heart. We are all in shock and finding it impossible to fathom the reality of her unexpected passing.’

It remained unclear how the teen boy was able to access the sports vehicle. To date no charges have been brought forward. It remains unclear why….