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Horned Arizona QAnon conspiracy supporter leads capitol riots

Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter
Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter at Capitol riots.
Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter
Pictured, Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter who was a prominent demonstrator during Capitol riots on Wednesday (pictured left) and a supporter of Trump’s lawyer, (pictured right), Rudy Giuliani.

Who is Jake Angeli? ‘QAnon Shaman’ Arizona Trump supporter who stormed Capitol in Viking horns is a regular at ‘voter fraud’ protests. 

A stalwart QAnon conspiracy supporter from Arizona has been identified as one of the leading demonstrators during Capitol D.C riots in supporting President Donald Trump‘s bid to decry Presidential election results. 

Jake Angeli — dressed in fur, a horned hat and painted face — otherwise known as ‘Q Shaman’ and an actor/performer has been a noted fixture of Arizona right-wing political rallies over the past year as well as an outspoken supporter of Trump, consistently turning up for rallies on behalf of the outgoing president.

Angeli prominently featured amid rioters on Wednesday who turned violent and stormed the Capitol building, causing both chambers to suspend their intended action of the day: certifying the results of the presidential election for former vice president Joe Biden.

At one point, Angeli was seen on the dais of the U.S. Senate as he posed for a photo flexing his right arm; his left holding a spear from which hung a U.S. flag.

Angeli’s ability to reach the Senate floor didn’t go un-noticed as social media commentators asked how he managed to breach security and to what degree his ‘whiteness’ allowed him access.

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What is QAnon conspiracy theory? 

Since 2019, Angeli has held court outside the Arizona State Capitol shouting about various conspiracy theories, most related to the wide-ranging beliefs espoused by QAnon.

In a 2020 interview with the Arizona Republic, Angeli said that he wore the fur bonnet, painted his face and walked around shirtless with ragged pants as a way to attract attention.

Thus in ‘disguise’ the rabble rouser said he was able to speak about his beliefs about QAnon and other truths he maintains remain hidden.

The QAnon conspiracy theory supposes that a high-level government agent with Q-level security clearance has been unspooling cryptic clues about secret investigations inside Washington, D.C. Some of those investigations involve politicians running a child sex trafficking ring. 

Angeli over the last year has seemingly made it his mission in becoming a fixture during meets involving Trump supporters.

In February 2020, Angeli worked the crowd outside a rally in Phoenix for Trump.

That protest saw him holding a sign that read, ‘Q sent me,’ and asked the crowd if they knew of the conspiracy. Several met him with affirmative nods.

Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter
Jake Angeli QAnon Shaman Arizona Trump supporter pictured with girlfriend and meeting Rudy Giuliani.

‘Why isn’t he in jail?’ 

‘The snowball has been rolling and it’s only getting bigger,’ Angeli said at the time. ‘We’re the mainstream now.’

While a December 13 meet led to Angeli led to posting, ‘In DC for the MAGA Million March yesterday and it was f**king awesome.’

As of Wednesday night it remained unclear if Washington authorities had been in touch with the man whose social media accounts had become awash in comments.

Posted one social media user, Wednesday night, ‘What’s this scumbag’s name and why isn’t he in jail?’

While another posted, ‘FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation. This man is a traitor to The United States of America, involved in Donald Trump’s failed coup.’

In the interim, Angeli remains free, with the part time actor and right wing agitator come Thursday morning insisting he didn’t do anything wrong.

‘If I could come back for the inauguration, that would be great,’ he told journalist Tik Root in a phone conversation Thursday morning.

Angeli also revealed he would have left the Capitol earlier if President Trump had directed and is not worried about being arrested.

‘I trust the President…. I obey the orders of the President of the United States,’ he said during the phone chat.

‘I didn’t smash any windows…I didn’t vandalize anything while I was in the Senate.’