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Karen throws puppy at black man (Glogloglo) during racist rant who then adopts dog

Glo Mula dog
Glo Mula dog: White Woman Throws Dog at Black Man
Glo Mula dog
Glo Mula dog: White Woman Throws Dog at Black Man. Images via social media.

Glo Mula dog: Racist white woman throws puppy at black man who then rescues and adopts mistreated dog as Glogloglo sets up a Gofundme for mistreated dog.

Video has surfaced of a seemingly disorientated racist white woman throwing a helpless puppy she is holding at a black man in the streets of Los Angeles — who by the end of the two minute video announces he is rescuing the mistreated dog. 

The incident, posted to Instagram, by mulaflare — Los Angeles rapper Glo Mula shows an unidentified white woman arguing with the ‘black man’ in the middle of an empty California intersection as he attempted to make his way while she’s holding a Belgian Malinois puppy.

Glo Mula who initially uploaded the video on Twitter under the handle Glogloglo @Mulaflare describes being confronted by the ‘disturbed’ white woman on Friday, October 10.

The video opens with Glo Mula asking the woman, ‘Why you holding the dog like that?’ She keeps walking toward him while rambling, to which he responds, ‘Bro, you got me in the middle of the street.’

The woman is heard rambling incoherently.

‘What’d you just say?’ Glo Mula asks the woman during back and forth bantering. 

‘I said you’re black,’ she replies.

‘So what?’ the man is heard saying.

‘Exactly,’ she replies before spitting into the street, video shows.

‘So what if I’m f–king black — what’s up?’ the man asks.

‘So what if I’m f–king white,’ the woman replies while walking toward the man.

‘I didn’t say nothing about race, you racist b—h!’ the man fires back. ‘You’re the one bringing up f–king race.’

Glo Mula dog
Pictured, Los Angeles rapper, Glo Mula & rescued dog.

‘Whoa, back up — this is not your f–king dog. This is not your dog no more.’

At one point, Glo Mula asks the white woman if she’s on drugs. She also tries to strike him on several occasions during the video, to which he repeatedly tells her to ‘back up’ and let him get back in his car.

Following more back-and-forth, the woman — who commentators have suggested on account of her widely dilating pupils was on substances — kicks the man in the shin before he turns his attention to the puppy she is holding.

The man asks the woman if the dog is hers, prompting her to unexpectedly throw the distressed animal at him. 

‘What the f–k!’ the man says while petting the yelping puppy at his feet. ‘Come here.’

He then turns toward the unidentified woman.

‘Get the f–k out of here, you dumb b—h!’ he is heard saying. ‘Whoa, back up — this is not your f–king dog. This is not your dog no more. I got video of everything. Yeah, get the f–k out of here. You’re going to jail, b–h.’


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‘Movie was rescued from a psycho Karen’

The woman then claims she has a mental health record’ while accusing the man of stealing the animal. By early Monday the video had been viewed more than 23 million times.

Glogloglo upon rescuing the puppy, set up an Instagram page for the dog which he named Movie. The page links out to a GoFundme for the animal.

‘Movie was rescued from a psycho Karen by the person she was thrown at this is for anyone who wants to help her!’ Glogloglo said on his GoFundMe that already surpassed its goal of $3,000 with over $5400 in donations.

Animal rescue agency, PETA has since responded to the video, posting that it intends to follow up on the matter, ‘Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have forwarded this information to our Cruelty Investigation Department.’

To date the identity of the unhinged racist woman has yet to be revealed.