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Davie murder suicide: Angela Ng terminally ill 11 year old shot dead by father

Davie Florida murder suicide
Kenbian Ng with daughter, Angela Ng and Angela's mother.
Kenbian Ng Davie Florida father & Angela Ng
Pictured, Kenbian Ng Davie Florida father and 11 year old terminally ill daughter, Angela Ng. Images via social media.

Kenbian Ng Davie Florida father shoots Angela Ng 11 year old daughter dead then self: Girl had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer in the femur.

Angela Ng has been identified as the terminally ill 11 year old Florida girl her father, fatally shot before turning the gun on himself in a suspected murder-suicide.

The incident occurred Monday morning, circa 9am as Angela’s mother was preparing breakfast at the Davie family home when she heard two gunshots.

Relatives told of how the family’s world was turned upside down upon Angela recently becoming terminally ill, with doctors diagnosing her with cancer in her femur. 

Authorities identified the father as Kenbian Ng, a vice president at an electrical appliance distributor. The man was aged 52. 

Offered, Davie police spokesman Lt Mark Leone: ‘While we were speaking to the mother, we were told that the child has a debilitating, terminal illness, which is a possibility for why this tragic incident occurred,’

A happy family home upended by a terminal illness

‘It was a devastating terminal illness. She was not going to get any better. It is such a tragic situation, a terrible situation.’ 

The Broward Medical Examiner’s Office on Tuesday confirmed that the victims were Angela and Kenbian, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports.

Relatives described growing up in a loving family, telling of the girl having a happy childhood, captured in dozens of photos posted on social media by her proud parents.

Many of the photos showed the family on vacations around the world while others showed Angela receiving a diploma for martial arts and in one photo, being kissed by a dolphin.  

Everything changed when she was diagnosed with cancer and began undergoing chemotherapy as her health declined rapidly. 

Relatives said Angela was scheduled to have her leg amputated on August 28, less than three weeks before she was killed. The ordeal had left Kenbian shattered as the outlook for Angela’s well being did not look good. 

Miriam Casanova, whose husband Jorge is the cousin of Angela’s mother, described the  toll the girl’s illness took on her parents in an interview with the Sun Sentinel.

Davie Florida murder suicide
Kenbian Ng with daughter, Angela Ng and Angela’s mother.

‘The mother wailed a sound I had never heard before…’

Casanova said she and her husband had been wanting to call and check in on the family but found it difficult to find the words to console Angela’s parents.

Recounting the last time she spoke to Angela’s father a few months ago, she said: ‘He couldn’t talk. He just cried.’ 

Kenbian’s LinkedIn profile shows he worked as a VP of Operations at Watsco, a distributor of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment based in Miami

It remains unclear what led Kenbian to take his daughter’s life and his own. Lt Leone said that the mother was absolutely stunned and devastated. 

Witnesses outside the home on Monday described hearing the mother wailing as police arrived.  

‘I heard the mother come right through my yard. They picked her up, put her in the car, and she screamed a noise like I knew I’ve heard before,’ neighbor Charlene Wells told WSVN

Davie murder suicide
Davie murder suicide: Pictured the family home where Kenbian Ng shot terminally ill daughter, Angela dead then self.

A mother and spouse left to pick up the pieces

‘She was very upset. Being the mother of a child that was killed in a car accident and how painful it is, I can imagine what they’re going through now. It’s awful. I feel bad for her. I really do.’ 

Neighbors Thelma and George Napolitano, who have known the Ng family since Angela was a baby, said they never could have seen this coming. 

‘To lose your husband and your child, terrible,’ Thelma told WSVN.  

The Napolitanos said Angela’s mother recently told them that the little girl was very sick.  

‘She said something happened to Angela. She’s in the hospital, and I don’t know when she’s coming home,’ Thelma recalled. 

‘It’s been a terrible shock,’ George said of the double shooting.

He said Kenbian was ‘a gentleman’ who would always check on his neighbors to make sure they were okay when bad weather swept through the area.  

Lt Leone said the case is still being actively investigated. Dozens of officials remained at the crime scene for hours after Angela’s body was removed from the home.