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Woman busted violating Hawaii self quarantine after posting beach photos

Alyza Alder
Alyza Alder is also a preferred hawt bixch...
Alyza Alder
Alyza Alder is also a preferred hawt bixch… Images via social media.

Alyza Alder Gilbert, Arizona woman charged after breaking Hawaii coronavirus quarantine after flaunting photos of herself on social media. 

An 18 year old woman who traveled to Hawaii was caught defying the state’s quarantine order amid the ongoing coronavirus after flaunting posting photos of herself at the beach two days after arriving, officials said.

Alyza Alder, of Gilbert, Arizona, who went to Hawaii on May 6, was arrested Wednesday the governor’s office said in a news release.

‘Loving every minute of it …’ 

Between May 8 and Tuesday, Alder posted pictures to social media of herself swimming at beaches in Laie and Hauula, the release said.

Alder, under the state’s order, should have been self-quarantining until Wednesday as a precaution against the coronavirus.

In one photo caption, Alder wrote that she had just moved to her dream location in Oahu and was ‘loving every minute of it’. 

Busted after being reported to authorities

During the time she should have been quarantining, authorities say she had also been working at a restaurant in Laie, Khon2 reported.

Alder was arrested at that restaurant on Wednesday afternoon.

Somebody reported Alder to authorities, who charged her for the violation. Her bail was set at $2,000.

Hawaii’s Attorney General Clare Connors warned against breaking the state’s 14-day self-quarantine order.

‘If you come to Hawaii with the expectation that you can ignore the self-quarantine order, you very likely will be reported, arrested and end up in jail facing hefty fines,’ Connors said in a statement.

Adding, ‘We are asking everyone – returning residents and visitors – to abide by our state’s 14-day self-quarantine order,’ she said.

‘The 14-day self-quarantine rules protect everyone’s health and safety.’

‘All of us must do our part to protect ourselves, our families, friends and guests.’ 

While the state’s self-quarantine orders remain unchanged, officials have lifted some measures by allowing shopping malls, car washes, pet grooming and in person retail to resume. Restaurants and bars remain closed and beaches are only open for exercise.

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