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Watch: Texas televangelist insists he can blow coronavirus away

Pastor Kenneth Copeland blow coronavirus away
Pastor Kenneth Copeland blow coronavirus away
Pastor Kenneth Copeland blow coronavirus away
Pastor Kenneth Copeland blow coronavirus away

Pastor Kenneth Copeland blow coronavirus away video: Texas televangelist tells worshippers he has the capacity to destroy killer virus as church defies authority demands. 

Are you paying attention to God?

A Texas televangelist who recently caused disconcert when he told worshippers that he could ‘pray away’ the coronavirus — has once again caused mouths to agape after telling an empty worship room that he has the capacity to blow the coronavirus away.

Pastor Kenneth Copeland, who is worth an estimated $760million, in since released video (see below) explains how warm winds and heat and ‘blowing the virus away’ will bring a timely end to the pandemic.  

‘Wind! Almighty! Strong! South wind! Heat! Burn this thing! In the name of Jesus,’ the 83 year old religious man yells to his followers on TV.

‘Satan bow your knees. Fall on your face!’ Copland continues.

Getting rich over blind faith? 

There is a moment of silence before he resumes, ‘COVID-19…’ the pastor then blows a raspberry calling it ‘the wind of God.’

‘I blow the wind of God on you! You are destroyed forever and you will never be back! Thank you! Let it happen! Cause it to happen!’ Copeland demands.       

The televangelist recently claimed that the pandemic would be ‘over much sooner you think’ because ‘Christian people all over this country praying have overwhelmed it.’ 

Last month, the pastor ‘executed judgment’ on the virus and declared it to be ‘finished’ while demanding ‘a vaccination to come immediately.’ 

Copeland Ministries megachurch had previously claimed that viewers to his show could be healed from the virus by touching their screens.

He made a point of urging viewers to continue paying tithes despite many losing their jobs.

According to Pastor Copeland, God told him three years ago that he needed to raise $300 million of income this year (see below) and he wasn’t going to let the virus stop him from reaching that goal.

The church continues to compel worshippers – but at what cost? 

As of Monday morning over 336,830 Americans had contracted COVID-19 with over 9618 deaths. The deadly bug which has wreaked havoc across the world, in particularly the US has prompted officials and medical experts pleading with the public to practice social distancing. 

While most heed warnings to stay indoors, some prominent evangelical leaders on the Christian right, continue to deny the existence of the pandemic, stressing their ability to administer miracle healing among their followers.

One such televangelist included, Florida Pentecostal pastor Rodney Howard-Browne who continued to host several services in packed churches despite warnings from health officials, which he called a ‘phantom plague’ before his arrest for violating social distancing rules.

Roy Moore, who launched a failed bid endorsed by the president for a senate seat in Alabama, has defended Louisiana pastor Tony Spell after he was charged for continually shunning a statewide ban on large gatherings.

Moore told his followers it’s their ‘duty’ to continue attending church services despite the pandemic.

Over in Ohio, one worshiper, who was among dozens seen leaving a church service, says she ‘wouldn’t be anywhere else’ despite state and local limits on public gatherings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

‘I’m covered in Jesus’ blood,’ the woman told a CNN reporter, before explaining that she goes to stores like Walmart and Home Depot ‘every day’ and implying that she has a chance of being infected by grocery shopping – while also suggesting her faith in God will ultimately assail her….