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Top 10 Poker players you should follow on Twitter in 2020

Poker players Twitter accounts
Poker players Twitter accounts are gaining huge following. Image via social media.
Poker players Twitter accounts
Poker players Twitter accounts are gaining huge following. Image via social media.

Top 10 most influential Poker players Twitter accounts to follow as social media platform brings new followers and fans seeking to learn tricks & tips.

If you are a Poker fan, you will for sure want to be up to date with everything that is going on in the professional scene and follow the best players that can potentially become mentors for you. Though in the past it was used exclusively as a political influence tool, Twitter has gained lots of popularity among the Poker community, especially since the regulations for online casinos are slowly being lifted

The most popular professional Poker players have a large follower count and for a good reason – they provide tips and tricks, the latest amount of chips they earned, and direct insights from the Poker world, like events happening in Las Vegas and behind-the-scenes footage from the championships. 

The greatest time on Twitter, in terms of Poker-related content, is during the World Series of Poker championship. Every real fan keeps an eye on what the pros are posting and what drama is revolving around the event. If you dream of being one of the proud WSOP bracelet winners, you have to start with small steps and follow the people that are actually making that cold hard cash from Poker, to get as much insight as possible before even attempting a real life event. So, here is the list of the top 10 most influential Poker players Twitter accounts that you must follow if you consider yourself a real fan:

    1. Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker): everyone fears Kid Poker during WSOP, because of his unearthly ability to read his opponent’s mind. The best reasons to follow Daniel, apart from his 6 WSOP bracelets, is his in-depth Poker tutorials and his great personality and passion for progress;

    2. Maria Ho (@MariaHo): TV host and Winstar Spokesperson, this woman is one of the most famous faces of the industry. Even though her competition is generally male, that never intimidated her, and she went home with thousands of dollars many times;

    3. Doyle Brunson (@TexDolly): the 10-times bracelet winner seems to never stop! Aged 82, this guy is very active and posts important facts about Poker. His strategy? Fewer games, higher stakes;

    4. Phil Hellmuth (@phil_hellmuth): His nickname is Poker Brat because of his temperamental personality, and he holds the record of 15 WSOP bracelets. He has a lot of informative posts, but also funny ones, like burning a pair of solid gold shoes;

     5. Chris Moneymaker (@CMONEYMAKER): As his name implies, he knows how to make that money! His career started when he won WSOP for which he qualified by winning an online casino tournament in 2003. Even though he holds only 1 bracelet, he is one of the best examples that even an amateur can sit at the table with the pros and walk away with the big prize;

     6. Doug Polk (@DougPolkPoker): One of the younger Poker pros, he has an online casino training that helped many players earn more from their gambling tips. You want to listen to this guy’s advice that he posts on his Twitter, because he won 3 bracelets and generated near 10 million from championships in less than 10 years;

     7. Phil Laak (@PhilLaak): You for sure remember this guy for his very unusual fashion style during Poker events hood on and sunglasses. Leaving that aside, Phil plays in many tournaments and always explains winning strategies to his audience;

     8. Antonio Esfandiari(@MagicAntonio): He loves making podcasts and attending the Burning Man. This says it all;

     9. Bertand “ElkY” Grospeller (@elkyPoker): He started off his online casino career with Pokerstars, setting the record for most Single Table Sit & Go played in one hour (62 total games, $23.60 profit) and, by 2018 he had over 13 million won from live tournaments;

     10. Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche): Aged 30, he is the youngest player to win four WSOP bracelets and that alone is a good enough reason to follow him.

There are many other professional Poker influencers that are worth following and every one of them can in a way help you achieve your gambler dreams – starting from an online casino like Pokerstars and making your way to the WSOP table!