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9ine Ultra Lounge gunman identified: motive unknown

Raven Parks Kansas City shooting victim
Raven Parks Kansas City shooting victim killed at hands of Jahron Swift. Image via Facebook under alias, Rayviee Crayee.
Raeven Parks Kansas City shooting victim
Raeven Parks Kansas City shooting victim killed at hands of Jahron Swift. Image via Facebook under alias, Rayviee Crayee.

Jahron Swift Kansas City bar shooting gunman identified as suspect who shot at revelers at 9ine Ultra Lounge. Motive remains unknown as recent spate of gun violence at club picks up.

The suspected gunman involved in a shooting that led to a woman killed and 15 others injured before the shooter was fatally taken down outside a Kansas CityMissouri nightclub, Sunday night has been identified.

Authorities identified Jahron Swift, 29, of Kansas City as the suspected shooter. The victim was identified as 25-year-old Raeven Parks, also of Kansas City. It was not known if there was a connection between the pair.

Scallywagandvagabond.com confirmed the identity of the victim, a mother of a young child who also goes by the name of Rayviee Crayee on Facebook – with the victim’s cousin, Fragile Rose.

Raeven was texting family members at the time, according to Tamela Smith, Parks’ cousin when she was fatally shot.

‘She was walking out, and just walked into the midst of it,’ Smith told 41 Action News.

Kansas City Police said Swift opened gunfire at a line of people waiting to get inside the nightclub, since identified as the 9ine Ultra Lounge. The shooting took place just before midnight as revelers had gathered to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs win over the Tennessee Titans earlier that day– and secure their first Super Bowl meet.

At least three of the 15 victims remained in critical condition, police said Monday, adding that all may not be gunshot victims. Authorities said those numbers could change as witnesses come forward.

Swift was shot dead by an armed security guard at the nightclub upon the two men exchanging gunfire KCTV5 reported.

Jahron Swift Kansas City shooting
Pictured, Jahron Swift Kansas City shooting suspect.

‘There were multiple firearms involved…’

A bouncer told KSHB-TV Swift had initially tried entering the venue with a handgun only for the weapon to jam. He said Swift left and returned to the entrance with an assault rifle.

‘The security guard is the one who engaged the suspect,’ Smith said. ‘The security guard was inside the club and heard commotion. We don’t even know at this time whether the security guard understood what was going on outside.

‘We know that there were multiple firearms involved, so we think the security guard’s actions definitely saved lives,’ he added.

Responding officers did not fire their weapons, authorities said. The officers had driven in the club parking lot a few minutes before the shooting and saw nothing suspicious. They were nearby when the gunfire erupted and responded quickly.

Of note, a witness told KSHB-TV that fights preceded the shooting. She told the television station that a security guard fired a warning shot to stop a parking lot fight before the mass shooting occurred.

Raeven Parks Kansas City shooting victim
Raeven Parks Kansas City shooting victim killed at hands of Jahron Swift. Image via Facebook alias, Rayviee Crayee.

An epidemic of gun violence, gunman had prior criminal history:

The nightclub, which advertised a ‘Sold Out Sundays’ event on its Facebook page, was known to police, Kansas City police Chief Richard Smith said during a Monday morning news conference. A drive-by shooting occurred in its parking lot last week and officers had received complaints about the business in the past, he said.

Police said they recovered multiple firearms at the scene.

Smith and Mayor Quinton Lucas expressed frustration, saying the shooting marred what should have been a night of celebration for the city’s NFL team.

‘Something happened last night that marred what was an exciting night, a euphoric night, for the people of Kansas City,’ Lucas said.

‘We’ve said a few times that it is an epidemic of gun violence,’ he added. ‘We’re losing too many lives, we had too many shot each year. We will remain committed, both at city hall and the police department, and every agency in Kansas City is making sure that we stop this problem.’

A report via heavy told of Swift having a previous criminal history. According to Missouri state court records, he was accused of unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) in 2017.

There are also some civil cases and a paternity action against him. A court ordered him to pay child support.

Investigators have not determined a motive for Sunday’s attack.