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Missouri man gets 5 year for bombing ex wife’s car during custody battle

Dean Allen McBaine
Pictured, Dean Allen McBaine and the after effects of a bomb he planted on
Dean Allen McBaine
Pictured, Dean Allen McBaine and the after effects of a home made bomb he planted in his ex wife’s car.

Dean McBaine sentenced: Jefferson City, Missouri man to serve five years jail for blowing up his ex wife’s car during custody battle. 

A Missouri man  has been sentenced to five years jail after blowing up his ex-wife’s car  with a homemade bomb according to reports.

Dean Allen McBaine, of Jefferson City, was sentenced Wednesday for placing the homemade explosive device beneath his ex-wife’s Mini Cooper at her St. Louis home in September 2018, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

‘The explosion shook our entire neighborhood,’ McBaine’s former partner, Kathryn Motes, told a judge. ‘If my car had been parked just a few feet closer to that gas line, this would have been a murder case.’

The makeshift bomb which McBaine created out of fireworks and Tiki torch fuel, was so substantial that it sent gas meters flying atop Motes home, as well as onto her neighbor’s house.

The device went off whilst Motes was asleep inside the residence along with their 13-year-old son, KMOV reported.

In addition to totaling Motes’ red Mini Cooper, the bomb also damaged two adjacent homes. The incident KMOV reports came while the estranged couple were involved in an embittered custody battle.

History of discord:

Matters had come to a head three weeks earlier when in court documents Motes told of her former spouse having tossed a television at her and their teen son during a drunken rampage in August 2018. 

McBaine according to filed documents then fired gunshots into a ceiling that nearly hit their 13-year-old son, who was staying with his father at the time.

‘He sees it as his father repeatedly trying to kill him,’ Motes said of the episode. 

The incident led to Motes moving the couple’s son back to her St Louis residence along with getting an order of protection against McBaine. 

Three weeks later, McBaine set about exacting revenge….

The jail term comes after McBaine being found guilty of federal possession of an unregistered destructive device in October. During testimony, McBaine’s former brother in law stated McBaine confessing to him of having detonated the bomb underneath his sister’s car. 

But there’s more.

His half-brother, Michael Christopher Bushman, 34, previously pleaded guilty to the same charge for helping McBaine build the device, the Post-Dispatch reported.

A judge sentenced Bushman in November to 13 months in prison. Both men must also pay a total of $34,705 in restitution.

Dean Allen McBaine
Pictured, Dean Allen McBaine blows up his ex wife’s car outside her St Louis, Missouri home.