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Celebration Florida mystery deaths: Father arrested after missing bodies of wife & three children found

Anthony Todt Celebration Florida
Pictured, Anthony Todt with wife, Meg and their three children.
anthony todt celebration fl
Anthony Todt Celebration Florida death investigation. Pictured father with wife, Meg and the couple’s three children.

Anthony Todt Celebration Florida death investigation: Man arrested after four bodies believed to be the missing bodies of his wife and the couple’s three children are found inside home.

A man has been arrested after Florida authorities discovered the missing bodies of a woman and the couple’s three children in a house situated at a gated community called Celebration, belonging to Disney World.

Anthony ‘Tony’ Todt, his wife Megan and their children Alex, Tyler and Zoe, were reported missing by family members a week ago. Relatives said they last heard from them on January 6, while neighbors say they hadn’t been seen since mid-December.   

Police only went to the Todt’s home on Monday – a day after a concerned neighbor called them. It’s not clear if the officers had been to the home after family initially reported the Todts missing.

The Daily Beast reports that the Todt’s had recently moved from Colchester, Connecticut, to Celebration, Florida. It’s not clear how long they had lived in the rented home but court documents show the couple had recently been served with an eviction notice, December 22.

WFTV reported through sources that four bodies were found inside the home. It remained unclear how long the bodies may have been in the house and the timing and nature of their deaths.

Officials released few details regarding the case, including the names of the suspect and the victims. Deputies wouldn’t say how the victims were killed or what charges the suspect could face.

‘All parties involved with this investigation are accounted for,’ Sheriff Russ Gibson said during a news conference. He didn’t answer reporters’ questions about the case.

Messages to family members went unanswered for weeks: 

Following fears of the family missing, a Facebook group titled ‘Looking for the Todt Family’ was created where one family friend wrote: ‘Worried sick! I keep sending them messages on messenger and they are being sent but not delivered. I’m guessing their phones are off. Praying for their safe return.’

A neighbor woman said her husband last saw the family in a packed vehicle on December 15. 

‘They are our neighbors and my kids play with them. He speaks to them often when he is walking our dog bc Megan is often out walking theirs. My kids haven’t played with them since before Christmas because they have not seen them outside,’ she wrote.

On Monday, Osceaola County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that they were conducting a ‘death investigation’. They have not classified the deaths as a homicide or murder, and they have not confirmed that the bodies found in the home belong to Megan and her three children – Alek, Tyler and Zoe.  

Neighbors told The Daily Beast they saw armed police escort the father, Anthony, out of the home and arrested him at gunpoint.

A separate post the Facebook group’s administrator cited News 3 saying that law enforcement had previously attempted to contact individuals at the home for several days. 

Anthony Todt Celebration Florida
Pictured, Anthony Todt with wife, Meg and their three children.

Money problems as a motivating factor? 

Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson said the death investigation was launched after authorities arrived to the home.

‘This is an isolated incident, and all parties involved with this death investigation are accounted for,’ he told reporters.   

The owner of the Celebration home rented by the Todts filed a eviction notice against them on December 22, 2019. 

The reasons for the eviction are not clear.  

Anthony runs two physical therapy businesses in Connecticut, but the state says his physical therapy credentials lapsed on September 9, 2019, after they were not renewed. It wasn’t clear how that may have led to the family going through funds and unable to make rent. 

Marcelo Rodriguez, a neighbor, told Orlando Sentinel that he saw authorities approach the home in question with guns drawn.

‘I saw a lot of police with guns in their hand saying open the door, open the door and a few minutes later I saw the guy on the porch with handcuff and I said something bad happened over there,’ he told WESH

Although authorities have not revealed the identities of the deceased, the First Selectman’s Office Town of Colchester said the news was ‘shocking’.

Celebration is a planned gated community designed and built by the Walt Disney Company just 4 miles from Walt Disney World. The community has a population of around 7,400 people.