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Should Your Next Car Be A Hybrid?

Buying Hybrid Car
Buying Hybrid Car
Buying Hybrid Car
Buying Hybrid Car: Benefits of purchasing electric vehicles explained. Image source via Pexels – CC0 License.

Buying Hybrid Car: While purchasing electric vehicles might cost up a bit upfront- over the long haul the advantages include lower running costs, insurance, better performance and benefits to the environment.

With climate change very much on the political global stage, more people than ever before are contemplating the idea of purchasing a hybrid vehicle for their next car. While diesel powered SUVs used to be the family car of choice, hybrid equivalents are staking a claim to being a better and more environmentally friendly choice. The next time you need to swap in your set of wheels, you might be keen to look into the advantages of a hybrid car.

Running Costs

Electric or hybrid cars have dramatically reduced running costs. Whereas you had to supplement the petroleum industry every time you filled up your petrol or diesel powered motor, you never have to refuel again. Even clean gas powered engines are cheaper per liter to refuel. Electric and hybrid cars are recharged rather than refueled. This may mean installing a charging point at home and using a few extra pence on your electric bill. Infrastructure is also improving meaning that you can charge at service stations when you head out on long journeys.

You will also have a lower annual insurance cost alongside no tax to pay. As your car is greener and less damaging to the environment, governments are keen to incentivize motorists to pay a larger upfront purchase cost for a hybrid if the running costs are so much cheaper.


A decade ago when hybrid vehicles first became available to the masses rather than just being conceptual, they were seen as lacking in the performance stakes. They didn’t accelerate quickly, the handling was poor and they weren’t fun to drive. They were ok for inner city driving but they were pretty humdrum for longer journeys. Nowadays, hybrid vehicles have maximum torque immediately. They handle as well as any diesel or petrol equivalent and they handle like a dream. The technology has come on leaps and bounds making hybrid cars as thrilling to drive as any other car on the market.

Better Driving

When you buy a hybrid car, you will notice that your driving habits get so much better. Your car will be programmed with a system that helps you to drive more economically and more defensively. These educational systems prompt you to brake gradually and avoid accelerating too quickly wasting precious battery life. Your engine will never idle as it will turn off whenever you stop at a junction or lights. Saving power and only using up electricity when needed can be beneficial for the environment and your pocket. With a whole planet full of hybrid vehicles there could be less collisions and a better and cleaner quality of air for everyone to breathe in.

Hybrid vehicles can be fun and exciting. They cost more money to purchase initially but they are the easiest way to future proof your next driving experience. You will have the opportunity to get in on the action early, helping to combat climate change and create a better environment for all. Hybrids are coming, so consider buying one when you next need a new set of wheels.