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Tips for Creating Best T-shirt Design for Printing

Best T-shirt Design
Creating the Best T-shirt Design takes thought. Image via social media.
 Best T-shirt Design
Creating the Best T-shirt Design takes thought. Image via social media.

Creating Best T-shirt Design for Printing takes a team to execute on a concept beginning with a mesmerizing and appealing design.

Printing your designs on a t-shirt is not merely a wholesale tee shirt printing business but in fact, it is an opportunity for graphic designers, illustrators, and fashion designers to print their appealing and eye-catching designs on the tee shirts. Just the idea of creating your own design and then sending it for wholesale tee shirt printing is itself amazing and mesmerizing. This defines a start to a small t-shirt business too. 

However, creating t-shirt designs for printing on the tees demands a lot of creativity on the table. You need to be creative enough to design appealing and mesmerizing designs which are suitable not only for a specific age group but for all age groups and sex. 

Here are some tips and tricks for creating the best ever t-shirt design for printing:

  • Take Time to Explore Your Concept of The Design

First of all, sketch the blueprint of your design. Draw whatever you can. That single design is now a preview of your imagination. Go out for a walk and try to imagine variations on your designs. Just brainstorm about your design and try to merge designs and colors. Think about it as much as you can. If you can crack your best design ever, illustrate it anywhere you like but if not, just keep brainstorming.

  • Imagine the Design on The T-Shirt

There’s a huge difference between a design on your mind and paper and the design after it’s gone for wholesale tee shirt printing. The design is sometimes annotated on a tee shirt. Make sure to imagine it on a model or on an actual tee before having it printed.  Working on the existing design is better than creating a whole new design after printing it on a shirt with the help of a DTG printer, so after you’ve rejected the first design because it didn’t look good on the shirt, you’ll get to test the new one.

  • Keep the Details Precise

Everyone appreciates great detail and attention given to the design as there is nothing better than executing the message behind the design on a tee. But, adding more to your design can make it look perplexed. Make sure to keep your design as less complicated as possible. Keep the complexities and colors as minimal as possible as too much detail can sometimes annoy the buyer. 

  • Consider Your Market

You might also need to consider your market and the audience to whom you are going to sell your t-shirts too. Do not ignore your customers’ needs. Make sure to design for the appropriate age and sex, if you are going to limit your market.

  • Keep Your Humor Subtle

If you have a humorous design in mind that you need to create for wholesale tee shirt printing, make sure to keep your humor subtle. Offensive jokes can sometimes hurt people and cheap jokes might also disgust your buyers. Avoid using cheap jokes for the marketing of your tee shirt. Or for that matter, failing to reach out to the estate of deceased artists whose face you may choose to plaster over and sell for a whopping $125.

  • Choose the Right Colors

Choose the right colors for your design. For instance, if your design is related to dark humor, make sure to use dark colors. If you are going to create a design for an organization or a team, limit your color to one tone only.

Only you can decide the best for your team. Make sure to create a design that suits your brand or project theme. Think outside the box!