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Kentucky man fatally shoots dad w/ crossbow, assaults sister with frying pan

Gerald Beavers III
Pictured, Gerald Beavers III
Gerald Beavers III
Pictured, Gerald Beavers III

Gerald Beavers III, Louisville, Kentucky man arrested after fatally shooting father with crossbow and assaulting sister with frying pan. No known motive. 

Kentucky man has been arrested for allegedly killing his father with a crossbow and assaulting his sister with a frying pan, local police say.

Louisville Metro Police Department spokesman Dwight Mitchell said the suspect, Gerald Beavers III, 23, shot his father, Gerry Beavers, 55, with a crossbow at a home located in east Louisville around 1:00 p.m, Thursday afternoon. 

The injuries for the unnamed female – believed to be Gerald’s sister – were described as serious, with Mitchell telling KIRO 7 that the woman was expected to recover.

The Kentucky-based nonprofit company USA Cares, which provides financial help to post-9/11 active-duty U.S. military veterans and their families, identified the deceased as Gerry Beavers. He worked there as the director of career transition, according to WDRB.

‘Not only was Gerry an employee of USA Cares, he was also a lifelong friend. We went to school together, served in the Army together, and worked at several organizations together,’ USA Cares president and CEO Trace Chesser said in the statement.

‘Right before he joined USA Cares, he expressed to me that working with veterans and being able to create positive change in their lives was truly a dream job for him. I am thankful that he had the opportunity to do exactly that, and he will be missed dearly by all of us at USA Cares and by those who were blessed to know him.’

Gerry Beavers Louisville Ky
Pictured, victim, Gerry Beavers Louisville, Ky. Image via Linkdn.

Local residents bewildered by violence:

Police spent several hours on the hunt for Gerald, who left the scene in a car and was believed to be a ‘danger to the community,’ according to WDRB. They say he was possibly traveling to North Carolina when he was captured.

Local residents were dumbfounded by the violent crime.

‘Shocked, astonished,’ resident Michael Ivory told media. ‘In this neighborhood, I’ve been living here for many, many years, and my parents live in the neighborhood, and we’ve never experienced anything like this here.’

Upon being taken into custody, the son admitted to shooting his father and sister, who Beavers said he strangled to make her pass out ‘so he could reload his crossbow and kill her,’ the Courier-Journal reported.

Beavers has been charged with murder and first-degree assault.

A hearing was scheduled for Friday morning, according to court records.

It remained unclear why Beavers set on family members.