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How to choose the best king size mattress

king size mattress
Which is the right king size mattress for you? Stock image.
king size mattress
Which is the right king size mattress for you? Stock image.

How to choose the best king size mattress for you? A guide in what to look out for in helping you figure out the right bedding so you can get good quality sleep. 

Good sleep plays an important role in general health and well being in our lives. Getting enough quality sleep helps in protecting our mental and physical health, our quality of life and also safety. 

Having this in mind, getting the right mattress therefore plays a vital role in ensuring that we get the quality sleep that we deserve. So, if you have a king size bed, you ought to choose the best king size mattress that is within your budget. But with the many different types of king size mattresses available today, this can seem quite daunting, so, here is a guide to help you choose the right king size mattress. BeddingPal recently review the top 10 king size mattress which you can refer to if you need additional information.

Research Online Mattress Store

The ease with which we can find information on products on the internet are astounding, so, start online. There are websites like this one right here, that provide unbiased information about king size mattresses. Look up the different types of king size mattresses available in the market, why different consumers choose them, and the benefits and the disadvantages too.

Check out retail websites that carry the types of mattresses that you’re interested in and compare prices to get a good idea of the cost for the types of king size mattresses available. Be sure to take note of the warranty provided by either the retailer or the manufacturer, and trial or return policies as well. Make some notes as you research, so that you have a guide for when you actually go to a store to check the mattresses out.

Visiting a physical mattress showroom

And yes, we always recommend going to a store to try out the mattresses that you have shortlisted during your online research if you can. There is nothing like being able to try out and getting a feel of a mattresses to know if it is the right fit for you. Go ahead and lie down on the mattresses, remain on it for at least 10 minutes, or as long as you feel comfortable to. Try out different sleeping positions that you usually sleep in. If you can, bring a partner as well, it will help with evaluation of space on the mattress, and how the mattress handles the movements of you and your partner.

Talk to the salesperson and ask about each mattress’ warranty, the length of trial and return policy. Compare your online research information with what you see in the actual store and discuss the differences, pricing between competitors, delivery options, and also if needed, the removal of your old mattress. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the salesperson, and at the end thank them and ask for a business card. You do not need to leave the showroom with a purchase to consider the visit a productive one. Information is key for these decisions.

Listing out Pros and Cons of each King Size Mattress

When you return home with your notes and the additional information from visiting the showrooms, make a list of the pros and cons of the stores and types of mattress that you tried out. Then, make a shortlist of which type of mattress will be best for your needs and budget. Sleep on your decision, and then, either return to the showroom or the website from where you have decided to buy from and purchase your king size mattress.

A Brief Guide on Types of King Size Mattresses

With the many variations of king size mattress types in the market, we thought that this brief guide would help make your research and subsequent choice a little easier. 

Memory Foam

  • Consists of only memory foam material
  • Great support, pressure relief and body contouring
  • The older variations tend to heat up with your body’s heat while sleeping
  • New technology have cooling properties than traditional ones
  • Great for those who want great hug, body shaping, contour, support and pressure relief


  • Made exclusively from latex (material used to make rubber) foam
  • High cooling properties and comfort
  • Great responsiveness
  • Good bounce
  • Some latex mattresses have a slight rubber odor which can be overcome by airing it out for a couple of days
  • Great for those want foam, but dislike the pronounced hug and contour like memory foam does


  • Consist of one or more layers of spring coils that provide support and comfort
  • Number and type of coils affect comfort and support
  • Very popular and widely used
  • Great bounce and cooling
  • Strong edge support
  • Great for those who want a more traditional spring feel


  • As the name suggests, built from a combination of latex, memory, polyurethane foams, coils, and/or other materials
  • Designed to maximize certain benefits, while minimizing certain cons.
  • For example, a latex-memory foam hybrid has good cooling, bounce, and responsiveness via the latex, but also provide support and great pressure relief via the memory foam.
  • Great for those who want the best of both or all worlds. 
  • Provides options for good bounce, support, comfort, and cooling.

We hope that this short article helps you as you embark on choosing a great king size mattress that suits your needs and preference best.