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Online Casino & Gambling Games for Gaming Consoles – Possible Future?

Gambling games consoles
Gambling games consoles: Does the technology exist to bring an Xbox experience to playing for money?
Gambling games consoles
Gambling games consoles: Does the technology exist to bring an Xbox experience to playing for money?

Gaming consoles for online casino & gambling games: Is the technology there and the stumbling hurdlers developers are paying attention to. 

So far, online gambling and video gaming co-exist as two separate entities. But does it necessarily have to be this way? Could we perhaps be able to enjoy casino games that boast the quality of other games for PCs, PS or Xbox consoles?

To be honest, while this possibility may sound exciting to some, it’s an unlikely future scenario. As much as people who love to gamble and play video games hate to admit it, the two worlds aren’t easy to combine.

There are many reasons why this is the case and we will explain them right here.

Two Different Sectors

A virtual casino that you can walk in, observing the interior in 4K or even 8K graphics. Hundreds of slots and table games situated across many themed halls – just like in real life.

This is the kind of a virtual gambling experience that could be created with the technology we have. Even VR could be implemented for an even more Las Vegas-like feel.

However, it’s simply not a direction that the casino game developers would likely take.

The thing is, casinos have to focus on entirely different things to keep it running. The requirements are all different for real money games online and just pure entertainment-based titles.

1. Legal Restrictions Regarding Real Money Games

Due to legal reasons, it could be dangerous to make games like that. The increase in quality would definitely force a boost in popularity for which many governments aren’t ready for.

Things get even worse when children are involved. Seeing that they love modern video games so much, that would be inevitable if casino software was made so appealing.

This would, in fact, be in direct opposition to many laws. That’s because they forbid casinos and game creators to offer anything that could attract a child’s attention.

2. Gamblers Aren’t Here for the Graphics

Focusing on graphics and an experience that would remind of real life might be not worth it. First of all, making software like that would cost millions.

Besides, there’s no guarantee that companies like PayPal would join this niche for reasons stated in the section above. With few allies, the costs might not even pay off.

Even if these expenses did return after the games were launched, their success is hard to predict. That’s because most gamblers don’t come to play at casinos for that. They come to win money.

So, the way a game looks isn’t as important as it is for a console player or a fan of Fortnite. Plus, the gambling industry is incredibly popular as it is right now. Why fix and spend millions on something that isn’t broken?

3. The Notoriety of Casinos & Their Players

Last but not least, there’s still a lot of negativity surrounding casinos among the general populace. Such casino content overhaul would draw a lot of negative attention from people who are against real-money gaming.

Again, this ties into the legal restrictions and social problems caused by gambling. These are the reasons why casinos are still notorious today, so the industry should solve these issues first. Only then could they advance to the next-gen video gaming quality without fear.

Until then, let’s enjoy innovations of a smaller scale and wait for that VR breakthrough everyone keeps talking about.