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Gothic Fashion Trends: Explore New Looks for 2019

Gothic Fashion Trends
Gothic Fashion Trends 2019. Image via social media.
Gothic Fashion Trends
Gothic Fashion Trends 2019. Image via social media.

Gothic Fashion Trends: How Occult styling trends continue to influence mainstream designers and culture as symbolic accessories and goth clothing re-invents itself.

The black rule the darkness. The gothic culture embraces darkness as the home of the spirit. Gothic fashion represents the spirit of the dark in its glory and magnificence. Women love to wear gothic dresses and accessories to define their liking in this world. Designers study the culture, history and ideologies of the gothic movement before concluding and set on the path to see how much they could observe by paying attention to them.

The dresses and accessories give us an insight into the minds of the members. You could realise the hidden reality within them by observing their behaviour. They speak through a different language, and yet we find ourselves capable of knowing many things about them. One way of knowing a Goth who’s been an ardent follower is to check the kind of goth clothing and accessories in the wardrobe. It will reveal more than the person can tell or put into words.

Some brands with a history of path-breaking approach towards fashion keep on experimenting with things. The Goths prefer wearing occult symbols to talk about their spirituality, religion.

Wearing occult symbols has been a subject of debate from the beginning. Those who follow a particular religion condemn wearing the symbols by people of other ethnicities without knowing the importance, purpose. Women buy pendants or rings to have the right accessory to go along. If you are interested in Gothic rings, you can visit Gthic.com.

Some of the popular occult symbols are an animal skull, tarots, moon, cross and eye etc. These symbols have a reference in history than belonging to a particular culture, religion. Women could wear these symbols without hurting anyone’s feelings. These symbols have a unique place in the occult system and carry a specific meaning or purpose. A single glance at these symbols and you realise what it means or points. Women have a soft corner for occult fashion, knowing it would make them possess some power to put themselves ahead of the race.

Fashion is a disruptive word. It haunts our memory by bringing the age-old fashion styles and infuse new life into it. Gothic clothing is no exception to it. We’ve put together a list of the top trends to keep the fresh blood running.

Gothic Fashion Trends
Gothic Fashion Trends: Chokers continue to define the dark ‘romantic’ movement.


Women can die for the right collection of accessories. They live to find the exquisite, haunting and appealing accessories. The neck decorates jewellery or accessory like a pearl shining through the depths of the ocean. The seductive appearance of black colour, tight-lock makes chokers a cool accessory. The characteristics of pain, suffering displayed or demonstrated by accessories attract them. They celebrate death. Chokers tied around neck firms the grip of the darkness on a person’s life. They can see life begging, pleading for mercy. It brings them joy in return.

The design of chokers brings a sadistic perspective to things. The image flashes in their eyes of the person hanging by a fan or gasping for air and ultimately giving in to the pain. The fragile nature of life is at the forefront of the design, texture, colour of these accessories, and how goths carry it along to be a constant reminder of death. Chokers have a simple design for everybody, but goths.

Gothic Fashion Trends
Gothic Fashion Trends: Black Leather Jacket.

Black Leather Jacket

The parts of the machine cannot fit otherwise. Goths wear a black leather jacket to harness the power of darkness in broad daylight. It’s an essential piece of clothing to make them go for days without changing or feeling bored. They wear it as a shining armour. Gothic fashion clothing continues to revive the darkest element both in the material and subject. The dark black jacket presents a picture of someone walking through people and relationships without holding a grudge or guilt towards anything. The person has already accepted death as the final destination on the journey. The clothing or accessories Goths have tells us they’ve found peace and made amends with life. It’s not the desolation of life but celebrating life as it brings death.

The black leather jacket has a strange kind of cold-hearted feel to it. The person comes across as someone who finds eternal joy in suffering, isolation and counting the days till the end. They prefer staying in a personal sanctuary and clothes are a companion to them. Have you ever thought of clothing or accessory as something you could share thoughts? Goths have a strange and yet uplifting viewpoint on some of the most important subjects of life. The creative streak isn’t a matter of choice or accident but cultivating a path to pass the remaining life through.

Gothic Fashion Trends
Black Lipstick continues to define the counter culture movement which continues to influence mainstream designers and culture.

Black Lipstick

When was the last time you experienced a sudden gravitational pull against a person? Did it ever happen to you? Do you spot something eyes weren’t looking for and then, getting stuck at it for a longer than expected time? The black lipstick could hold your eyes and breath in one attempt. The beauty of a smiling black-coloured lip is enigmatic. It’s a different case though that Goths wear black lipstick to shut any chances of finding joy in anything than mourning, pain. The black lipstick has been an iconic accessory of goth members. It shows the lips find dark as the only way to hide their silence. Women wearing black lipstick seem to have the ability to make the other person surrender, talk about secrets to win their trust, companionship in return.

Goth members find encouragement when women from different backgrounds wear it and show outside signs of being one of them.

Black is the essence of the gothic movement. Women love to have a few black dresses in the wardrobe. Gothic fashion clothing and accessories debunk the myth of black being the only colour. The white is another colour to buy clothing and accessories. The gothic movement has associated itself with the mainstream culture. Fashion has a big part to play in it. The availability of gothic clothing and accessories brings hope for the members. They prefer making their accessories or customising their dresses, but designer products excite things up.

The self-taught artists have made a constructive contribution to making the gothic movement mainstream. The popularity has risen to other sections of society. Women welcome the idea of trying clothing and accessories from the Gothic collection. The appeal factor is a significant advantage in favour of gothic fashion clothing. A goth would stand out in a crowd of people wearing similar dresses. It’s not the clothing alone but character that supports the spirit of being a goth. Is attire the only condition? Goths are comfortable in designing, customising their accessories. They get an opportunity to express themselves. It’s the only way they find themselves at peace. The cradle of goth nurtures their spirit.

The constructive pillars of the gothic fashion clothing highlight the mortality aspect, suffering, mourning and living beyond the fear of death. It embraces death. The colour, texture, lace material and occult symbols make the fashion clothing and accessories of the goth community. The unique style of goth accessories gives them an identity. They find a unique sense of spirituality, mysticism and religion. The definition of spirituality and religion isn’t different from mainstream culture. However, they focus on other aspects to what we usually know or associate it. Their strength is the sense of separation they develop among themselves that cuts them off from several worldly ties.