Home Scandal and Gossip Suspect who chained woman in Niagara Falls basement arrested.

Suspect who chained woman in Niagara Falls basement arrested.

Michael Ciskiewic
Pictured wanted NIagara Falls man, Michael Ciskiewic.
Michael Ciskiewic
Pictured wanted Niagara Falls man, Michael Ciskiewic.

Arrest made: Manhunt for Michael Ciskiewic underway after suspect is alleged to have chained a woman in a Niagara Falls basement. Un-named woman lived a few doors from where she was found. 

Authorities Monday evening arrested a wanted man after launching a manhunt for an alleged captor after a woman was found chained inside the basement of a Niagara Falls, New York, home over the weekend.

Notice of the un-named woman’s imprisonment occurred when authorities responded to the 3000 block of Monroe Avenue early Sunday morning, resulting in a 12-hour standoff before cops realized the suspect, Michael Ciskiewic, wasn’t inside, police told the Niagara Gazette.

Officers cleared the home after busting out windows and using tear gas, only to find a trail of blood and broken glass inside, WIVB reported.

Detective Captain Kelly Rizzo of Niagara Falls police said calls were received from the woman’s family who reported her missing before she was eventually tracked down a few houses away with the use of a bloodhound.

Cops and the K-9 spotted blood near the back door of the second home before the woman was discovered chained up in the basement. But Ciskiewic was nowhere to be found, police said.

The woman, who has not been publicly identified, was taken to Eric County Medical Center after being rescued. Authorities said the woman was doing well early Monday following the ordeal. 

During a news conference, authorities revealed having made contact with Cieskiwic during the standoff, saying the suspect alternated between saying he was inside the home or not. He was also instant messaging family members, asking them to say he wasn’t there, they alleged.

According to police, the only tie between the victim and Ciskiewic was that he ‘would mow her lawn and remove snow.’

To date no arrests have been made as authorities have yet to say what led to the woman’s alleged captor taking her hostage and imprisoning her and what he ultimately had in store for the woman.