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Gambling Scandals That Made Headlines

Gambling scandals
Gambling scandals: The Chicago Black Sox Scandal
Gambling scandals
Gambling scandals: The Chicago Black Sox Scandal lives on as one of the first cases of game fixing.

Gambling Scandals That Made Headlines: Player game apprehension might be legitimate as history shows many incidents of the house tipping the scales. And how! 

Gambling is a very serious business that both the gambler and gaming provider take seriously. For years, people have been entrusting their money to the whims of fate. Well, thanks to technology people can now bet on just about anything over the Internet. Do you want to bet on the NBA finals? Maybe you want to place a bet on your favorite college football team. Whatever you want to bet on, you can now do it with ease thanks to the rise of technology and online gambling.

Being that there are a number of people that make livings playing in online casinos it is easy to understand why more and more people are opting to gamble online. Well, what if you didn’t have a chance when you thought you did? What if the casino operators were tipping the edge to their advantage and you didn’t have a chance? Unfortunately, history has proven that this happens too often. Just take a look at these gambling scandals that rocked the world.

The Royal Baccarat Scandal

Back in 1890 Prince Edward, who would later go on to become King Edward VII, was involved in a scandalous court case. It seems that a decorated war hero and close friend of the Prince got accused of cheating. William Gordon-Cumming the accused cheater filed a writ in response and an entire court case ensued. The Prince would have to attend the event as a witness for his friend.

This was the first time that something like this had taken place since the early 1400s. Spectators from all around were literally trying to buy tickets to get into the courthouse. The entire Royal Court of Justice seemed like a theater.

The debacle was said to have taken place at the home of prominent shipping magnate Arthur Wilson. Two night were spent playing baccarat where Cumming was accused of adding chips to his stake after the cards were revealed. The Prince himself was in attendance and the end result was Cumming swearing of public betting in order to avoid a scandal.

The Chicago Black Sox Scandal

Sports have always offered a venue where men and women could compete to measure their strength, determination, and greatness against the top level competition. Of course, sports betting has always played a pivotal role in such events and has lead to widespread corruption. This was especially true decades ago when players didn’t receive fair contracts, sponsorship deals, and fair pay. Unfair conditions usually left players seeking alternative revenue streams. Unfortunately, one of these alternative revenue streams was fixing games.

The 1919 Word Series was the perfect example of this. The White Sox players were fed up with unfair treatment and low wages when they decided to throw the World Series in order to make a hefty profit. It was also suspected that the notorious Chicago gangster Arnold Rothstein also has something to do with this little debacle. Rumors eventually became to swirl, players were accused and questioned, and the White Sox’s pitcher was the first to crack.

The Bet Scandal

Just about everyone in the gambling industry remembers Russ Hamilton. He was once a prominent American poker player that won over a million dollars plus his weight in silver at the World Series of Poker. He would ultimately go from hero to zero as he moved into the online sector.

Right when online gambling was growing in popularity, Hamilton became a consultant for a widely popular online casino not unlike togel singapura. Some of the members eventually began to file complaints about being cheated. They felt that there was a player that had the ability to see their cards. As it turns out they were right.

It turns out that in 2008 Hamilton and employees had been robbing customers for years. Russ had over four accounts that he could play on and earn money. With his ability to see the other player’s hands he was more than capable of pocketing a handsome profit.

CSGO Lotto Scandal

CSGO Lotto was a gaming platform that allowed people to bet on gaming events. The two of the website went on YouTube and uploaded videos of themselves winning on their website. Unfortunately, they did not disclose their ownership of the site. In the end, the owners ended up being subjected to a class action lawsuit. This action is the reason why consumers are hesitant to bet on online gaming events.