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Mystery deepens: Stepfather of missing Maleah Davis arrested & charged w/ tampering of corpse

Maleah Davis and Darion Vence
Pictured, missing 4 year old girl, Maleah Davis and stepfather, Darion Vence
Maleah Davis and Darion Vence
Pictured, missing 4 year old girl, Maleah Davis and stepfather, Darion Vence

The mystery of what happened to missing four year old Houston girl Maleah Davis takes a new turn as her stepfather, the ex fiance of the girl’s mom, Darion Vence is arrested and charged with tampering with a corpse.

The stepfather of missing four-year-old Houston girl- Maleah Davis, has been arrested and charged with ‘tampering with a corpse’ in connection with her disappearance, eight days after he told police she was ‘abducted by three men’. 

Darion Vence, 26, was taken into custody Saturday and booked with ‘tampering with evidence, namely a corpse’. 

Houston Police have not confirmed whether the missing girl has died but investigators do not think Davis is still alive, ABC13 reported. 

Police say they found ‘blood evidence’ in the apartment of Darion Vence that matches that of the missing 4-year-old girl, Maleah Davis.

Darion Vence linked to the blood of missing four year old girl:

In a released statement Saturday evening, police said Vence was observed carrying a full laundry basket from the apartment.

The laundry basket was found in the trunk of Vence’s silver Nisson Altima, which was recovered in Missouri City, Texas, Thursday.

Maleah was last seen on April 30 on security footage in her family’s apartment complex, where blood evidence linked Maleah is said to have been found. 

The girl’s mother, Brittany Bowens has since accused her ex-fiance-Vence, the last person to see the girl, of being abusive and saying he was ‘suspiciously cleaning’ the family’s apartment with bleach on the morning of Maleah’s disappearance. 

A surveillance photo shows a man identified as Vence leaving the family’s apartment with a laundry basket and black garbage bag inside.

Police now say that laundry basket and a gas can was found in the trunk of a vehicle reported stolen by Vence.  

Darion Vence story and chain of events: Does it really add up?

Vence’s arrest follows Bowens’ fiance telling police Maleah purportedly abducted by three men who attacked him on the side of the highway on May 3.  

Vence and Bowens had recently gotten into a fight and have since broken off their engagement.  

Both Bowens and Vence were banned from having contact with their children under a court order issued Thursday, just as the car used in the abduction was recovered from a shopping center in Missouri City.  

Vence claimed that the car was stolen by Maleah’s ‘kidnappers’ Friday night as they were on their way to pick up the four-year-old’s mother. 

He allegedly told investigators that he pulled over to check if the car had a flat tire when three men in a pickup truck pulled up, knocked him out and took the girl. 

Authorities said Vence reported the abduction at a hospital on Saturday night and explained that he had been in and out of consciousness over the previous 24 hours.

The car he reported stolen during the alleged attack on May 3 was seen in that hospital parking lot on May 5, police say.

Investigators said a woman spotted the gray Nissan Altima in the parking lot and reported it to police.

The car was found unlocked and didn’t appear to be damaged, with detectives saying they would go over it ‘with a fine-toothed comb’.

Did Child Protection Services fail Maleah Davis? 

Maleah’s disappearance comes after the four year old girl was last year removed from her family home along with her two brothers over allegations that she had been abused, according to CNN.

Maleah had suffered a head injury and was sent to live with a relative for six months but in February this year, was allowed to return home to her mother but she was back in the hospital for brain surgery in March.

Police say it was to treat a healing injury and that they cannot share more information. 

Child services were meant to check up on the family once a month afterwards. It is unclear if that was done. 

Responding to his daughter’s disappearance, Craig Davis, Maleah’s biological father, said, ‘I just need the questions that aren’t answered to be answered. There are so many unanswered questions.  

‘It’s not for the police to answer them for me. It’s not for the news to answer them for me. It’s for Darion to answer for me,’ Davis told ABC 13.

To date the missing girl presumed remains have not been found as a community demands to know her whereabouts and how the four year old girl got caught up in the disintegrating relations between her mother and her recent fiance.