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How? San Antonio cop fired for trying to feed feces sandwich to homeless person re-instated

Matthew Luckhurst
Pictured, San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst
Matthew Luckhurst
Pictured, San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst

San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst fired for trying to feed feces sandwich to homeless person re-instated (on technicality). A history of breaches. 

A Texas cop fired after giving a homeless person a fecal sandwich had his dismissal overturned on a technicality. 

San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst argued that the timeline of the incident fell outside the window for allowing him to be indefinitely suspended, with an arbitrator agreeing with him earlier this month, KSAT reported.

‘The indefinite suspension is overturned due to the violation of the 180-days prohibition,’ the arbitrator wrote in his decision based on the rule that Luckhurst’s discipline fell outside of the time limit on punishing his behavior.

The arbitrator noted while the suspension was overturned, the punishment was ‘reasonable based on just cause for Luckhurst’s action whether intentionally or grossly inappropriate, regarding the fecal sandwich being placed in a container close to a homeless person.’

Luckhurst had initially testified that the incident had occurred on May 6, 2016, when he had picked up some dog feces, put it on a piece of bread before placing the ‘sandwich’ in a Styrofoam container of a ‘half-eaten meal’ provided by a local religious group for the homeless in the area of the I-35 overpass in San Antonio.

He had placed it next to a sleeping homeless man who would wake up, pick up the container before smelling the contents and throwing it away. 

Another bike officer said he told Luckhurst, a five-year veteran of the force, that he could not just leave the container next to the homeless person, and told him to go back and dispose of it. 

The officer said he watched Luckhurst bike back and had assumed he’d thrown it away, but it’s not confirmed that he did. 

Luckhurst was notified of his dismissal on October 28 of that year which fell within the 180-day window if the incident happened in May as originally believed, but the officer reviewed his medical records that would challenge the assumption.

According to his records, Luckhurst had suffered an injury during a martial arts class that left him on light duty between April 6 and June 14, 2016, and would not have been able to ride his bicycle in May.

Witness and hearsay testimony in the record also provided vague or contradictory dates regarding the incident, there was no body cam or video footage to corroborate the date and authorities were unable to identify or locate the homeless man referenced. 

Luckhurst’s suspension was reduced to five days by the arbitrator for another incident where he failed to arrest another homeless person who had a warrant. 

While he won this particular appeal, the former officer has yet another feces related claim he needs to address from 2016 the dailymail reported. 

Luckhurst’s woes are not yet over, as he must still overcome a second indefinite suspension issued to him in December 2016 for a separate incident on June 12, 2016, also involving feces. In that case, the police officer and another male officer had defecated in a toilet assigned to women in the bike patrol office. 

‘The toilet was left unflushed by both officers intentionally,‘ the suspension document states. 

‘Officer Luckhurst and the other officer also obtained a brown substance with the consistency of tapioca and spread it on the seay,’ the report continued. ‘Officer Luckhurst then boasted of these actions to fellow officers. This inappropriate behavior was done after a female officer requested the women’s restroom be kept clean.’  

It’s unclear when Luckhurst will learn his fate in that dismissal.

San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst: No love lost.

The decision to keep Luckhurst on the force (for now) has led to social media users voicing incredulity and disconcert.

‘San Antonio cop Matthew Luckhurst is a #sick #f***!!!’ wrote one. ‘Should of been punished horrible person and should of been fired but that’s SAPD for you no morals and no justice,’ said another.

‘Sick sick sick!!! He’s sworn to protect everyone! What a piece of garbage!! Why does he still have a badge? Disgraceful man’ wrote another Twitter user.

‘What a CRUEL & DISGUSTING human!’ said another poster online. ‘He seems to either have a fetish for poop or is mentally a 6 year old that never grew up. He should’ve been punished with eating his own feces sandwich.

While another posted, ‘Fired San Antonio Police Officer Matthew Luckhurst should be charged with attempted murder. Guaranteed this isn’t the first time he’s done this.’

And then there was this response too: ‘This despicable #Unfit to serve officer may get job back on technicality. WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS TRAVESTY.’