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What is my future if I Studied hospitality and tourism at College or University?

Studying hospitality and tourism
Studying hospitality and tourism. Image via social media.
Studying hospitality and tourism
Studying hospitality and tourism. Image via social media.

Studying hospitality and tourism at College or University can afford a variety of career opportunities: But what opportunities and how in the current climate?

What is hospitality and tourism? Unlike other fields or subjects, studying hospitality and tourism has a lot of perks, two of them is that you get a job easily and gain lots of reputation.

In simple words, we can say tourism and hospitality is the most diverse and dynamic field of study these days, with experts joining different companies and professionals serving individually. Selecting a hospitality and tourism degree can get you accustomed to working comprehensively and amazingly. You will get a chance to work abroad or can set up your business in your own city.

Studying hospitality and tourism
Studying hospitality and tourism

Reasons to choose hotel management as a career

What are the reasons to choose hotel management as a career? It is a timeless career with plenty of chances of self-grooming. The tourism industry is quite diverse, and new opportunities remain available for hardworking and dedicated people. If you want to know more about management, planning and writing then you may get consultations at writemyperfectessay.com. The most prominent reasons for hotel career are mentioned below.

1. Good salary package

One of the major and most important reasons to choose a hospitality and tourism degree is that you get a good salary package. As a tourist or hotel manager, you can earn up to $100 per hour depending on your experience and education background.

2. Stable employment

You will never have a short of work, meaning the chances of earning a living come across throughout the year. Unlike other professions, tourism is not a reasonable job. In fact, tourist guide and hospitality workers remain in demand in all countries.

3. Great work environment

Do you want to work in a friendly and pleasant environment? If the answer is yes, then no profession or field is better than tourism or hospitality. In Las Vegas and other places, tourists do hire guides on a regular basis and provide them with lots of facilities besides their salaries.

Similarly, various companies and hotels look for experts who can guide their customers in a better way. Whether it is the shooting of a film or an opportunity to provide services individually, you can always serve your clients in an exciting work environment.

Where to study tourism?

Once you have decided to opt for a travel and tourism degree, the next step is to decide where to study tourism. There are a lot of colleges and universities in this regard. However, in the United States, the University of Hawaii is where different degree programs in the travel industry and hotel management are offered at reasonable costs. Similarly, in Carolina, several private colleges teach tourism to their students and provide internships too. 

What university and country to choose

If you are having difficulties with selecting an appropriate university or country, then you must surf the internet to have a clear idea of what is trending these days. An online degree in hospitality or tourism may cost you reasonable, but you cannot get any job experience. Ideally, the United States has plenty of options to consider. You can seek admission at a college or university in America in which international students are provided with as many facilities as are provided to local students.

Careers in Tourism and Hospitality

Are you looking for hospitality management degree jobs? There are many careers in the tourism and hospitality industry. Some of them are discussed below.

1. Travel agent

A travel agent is responsible for researching, planning, and booking trips for his clients or groups depending on their availability and budget.

2. Hotel chef or manager

You can easily become a hotel chef or manager based on your qualifications and experience. They earn a living easily and get lots of respect in the society.

3. Spa manager

If you do not want to work in a hotel, then you may apply for a job as the manager in the spa. The job requires you to involve customers in different activities and keeping a record of promotional campaigns and payrolls.

4. Tour operator

After completing your tourism course, you may become a tour operator and create holiday packages for an extensive number of customers.

5. Event manager

An event manager is responsible for managing and decorating conferences, wedding ceremonies, and other events. It is an exciting and fun-filled job in which you get a chance to meet new people.

Salaries in tourism career

The salary in the tourism industry depends on one’s capabilities, experience and of course, education. Ideally, the hospitality and tourism management field allows you to earn from $120,000 to $400,000 per year. For graduates and postgraduates, there are a lot more chances of earning a living. They are free to enter the industry from different backgrounds and can generate lots of revenues depending on the facilities they provide to their customers.

Studying hospitality and tourism
Studying hospitality and tourism


In conclusion, the tourism and hospitality industry is most advanced and well-versed for students looking for stable monthly or yearly income. So, you can plan your future from now and seek admission in a university where such degree programs are offered at affordable fees. Once the degree is completed, you may run an individual business or join a company based on your interest and qualifications.