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Macomb County bodybuilder attack girlfriend, ‘It was my fault’

Paul Bashi
Pictured, Macomb County bodybuilder-Paul Bashi
Paul Bashi
Pictured, Macomb County bodybuilder-Paul Bashi

Macomb County bodybuilder attack: Kristina Perry, girlfriend & victim of abuser, Paul Bashi-who ended up in a coma for days seeks boyfriend’s release.

A Macomb County, Michigan woman who was nearly killed by her boyfriend in a ‘roid rage’ attack has asked that attempted murder charges against her bodybuilder boyfriend be dropped and for the man’s release.

Appearing in court on Monday, Kristina Perry, 22, who prosecutors say was violently assaulted by 35 year old man, Paul Bashi– incurring an avalanche of punches, kicks and objects thrown at her during a 40 minute tirade- saying that she was in part to blame for the savage attack against her. 

Asked whether she feared Bashi, who remained held on $5million bond, the girlfriend responded, ’No, I do not and I feel the case needs to be dropped.’

‘No, I do not and I feel the case needs to be dropped,’ The Macomb Daily reported. ‘It was a very sad situation what happened. And it was my fault and his fault.’

Incredulously the girlfriend, who was observed savagely beaten and stabbed in released video and who wound up in coma for days- denied she was injured.

During further questioning, Perry told the judge she was living with a friend and working as a waitress.

Paul Bashi Macomb bodybuilder attack victim Kristina Perry: ‘100 kicks, 50 punches and two dozen stabs, and more.’

Assistant Macomb County Prosecutor Jordan Fields countered, calling the assault against Perry, ‘vicious’ and ‘brutal,’ and the worst non-fatal beating he has ever seen on video.

According to a police report, Perry suffered more than 100 kicks, 50 punches and two dozen stabs, and had a chair broken and two lighted candles thrown on her- during the July 29 assault at the couple’s Washington Township residence.

‘Time and time and time again this defendant beat her as she lay motionless on the ground,’ Fields continued. ‘How she did not die, I have no idea. She should have died that day, judge.’

Bashi’s attorney, David Griem, called the assault a ‘tragic, serious beating,’ attributing it to his client being under the influence of steroids.

‘The defendant at that time was using great quantities of steroids preparing for a national body-building competition,’ Griem said. ‘I believe that what happened that day was something that’s referred to as ‘roid rage,’ short for steroid rage.’

Perry during Monday’s hearing asked to be able to have contact with Bashi, her boyfriend of three years.

‘I feel like that he shouldn’t have a bond and his family shouldn’t have to pay bond. I’d also ask to get the no-contact motion removed,’ she said.

Bashi is charged with attempted murder, torture and possession of illegal steroids. The attempted murder charge carries a penalty of up to life in prison.

But it gets grimmer.

Paul Bashi
Paul Bashi Macomb County bodybuilder attack

Paul Bashi Macomb bodybuilder: prior incidents of domestic violence.

Bashi’s July attack follows the man having at least two prior domestic violence charges, including one involving the same victim, two drunken driving charges and a conviction of federal conspiracy to commit wire fraud for a $6-million mortgage and loan fraud scheme for which he served nearly six years in prison.

The Macomb Daily reported Bashi failing to appear in court five times and not complying with judgments 21 times related to his court cases.

domestic violence
Incidence of domestic violence
domestic violence
domestic violence incidence: http://www.ywcacolumbus.org

More than half of domestic violence victims recant incidents of abuse and stay in relationship:

At its core, domestic violence is a pattern of power and control that occurs in a relationship, and often that comes in the form of psychological, not necessarily physical, abuse states- The Centers for Disease Control National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.

But perhaps most eye opening was the assessment of a domestic violence counselor.

Karan Bates-Gasior of Turning Point, Macomb County’s primary anti-domestic violence organization reiterated a victim seeking to have charges dropped is not rare. While the decision isn’t ideal, she said she cannot criticize it.

‘Survivors do what is best for them to stay safe, even if that means she wants to drop the charges,’ Bates-Gasior said. ‘We don’t live in her world. It’s not for us to question what she does.’

‘In a perfect world, absolutely (a victim should pursue charges),’ she said. ‘But we don’t know the circumstances pushing her in that direction.’

Speaking to FOX2DetroitMacomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said that of the 2500 domestic violence victim cases that end up on his desk each year, up to 60% of the victims often recant their stories or simply do not show up to court.

‘The defendant puts pressure on the victim to dismiss the charges,’ Smith reiterated. ‘We are the only ones that can dismiss the charges so we don’t do it.’

Paul Bashi
Paul Bashi Macomb County bodybuilder