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Zionsville dad shoots teen kids dead then self a year after divorce

Michael Hunn
Pictured, Zionsville father, Michael Hunn (right) and the husband's divorced wife, with the couple's children,
Michael Hunn
Pictured, Zionsville father, Michael Hunn (right) and the husband’s divorced wife, Stephanie Reece- with the couple’s children, Shelby and Harrison Hunn

Michael Hunn a Zionsville, Indiana father shoots his two teen kids, Shelby and Harrison Hunn then self in an apparent murder suicide- a year after divorce from wife and children’s mother, Stephanie Reece.

An Indiana father has killed his two teenager children then self- almost a year after the man and his wife divorcing.

Killed at the hands of their father, Michael Hunn – were Shelby and Harrison Hunn, 13 and 15- after the teens staying overnight with their father at his Zionsville residence, Thursday night.

It wasn’t until the following morning, that the children’s mother, Stephanie Reece being alerted to her children’s murder upon receiving a call that the teens weren’t in class. Having failed numerous times to reach her teens, Reece decided to drive to Hunn’s home where she made the grizzly discovery of the apparent murder suicide.

With no one answering the front door, Reece called 911, asking them to check the home.

Responding officers told of discovering Michael Hunn, 50, dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound, and his two children dead in their respective beds, also from gunshot wounds. 

Michael Hunn Zionsville, Indiana father motive:

In a released press release, police said they had yet to find a motive for the double-murder-suicide, and were continuing to investigate.

‘We all have faced yet another tragic event here in Boone County,’ a statement from the Boone County Indiana Sheriff’s Office read. 

‘Our hearts and prayers go out to all of the family, the community, Zionsville Schools, and the public safety personnel that responded.’

Documents obtained by the IndyStar revealed Reece and Hunn having been married for about 17 years, before divorcing in November 2017. Although their divorce was not characterized as contentious, court documents showed ongoing issues between the former couple after the settlement was filed.

Reece petitioned the court to see Hunn’s time with the children last December, as he had reportedly been drinking to excess. 

Court documents stated Reece seeking to reduce the amount of time her ex was spending with their children, petitioning to have Shelby and Harrison being removed from Hunn’s home following complaints that Hunn, ‘was too drunk to care for them or drive them anywhere.’

Reece had also requested Hunn be compelled to use a breathalyzer, which he agreed to.  

The pair also battled over child support, with Hunn due in court on September 28 for failure to pay.  

Harrison and Shelby’s schools issued a statement offering their condolences to Reece and her family, and alerting parents counselors would be available at the school. 

‘Our entire school community grieves the loss of two students due to a tragedy at their home,’ Zionsville Community Schools Superintendent Scott Robison said in an email to parents. 

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the children whose lives were lost, and we ask that you join us in respecting their family time to grieve.’