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Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction

Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction
Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction. Screen shot via 'Simply Complicated'.
Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction
Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction. Screen shot via ‘Simply Complicated’.

Demi Lovato Heroin Addiction: The singer documents her journey and struggles with substance abuse along with mental illness and how she pushed through. 

Drugs such as heroin, alcohol, and cocaine have many effects on our body. This is especially when the user gets addicted to these drugs. An overdose is one of the habits that can make a drug user to die. Demi Lovato severely suffered after she took a heroin overdose. She was even hospitalized.

Recovering a stable condition after taking drugs is difficult. In most cases, heroin addiction starts when a person uses it more regularly. This disorder usually causes a change in behavior. Heroin can be sniffed, injected, smoked and snorted. Let us look at the impacts of heroin to Lovato’s life.

Struggles with Addiction

The young singer claims how she struggled with heroin addiction. She became a patient in Los Angeles as she tried to fight this problem. Not only was she taking heroin, but she was also took alcohol. This haunted her life for many years. As a celebrity, she even encouraged the public to fight drug addiction as she fearlessly did. Moreover, she advised her fans to avoid such a problem. As part of her struggle, Lovato used to sneak some heroin even in the plane and bathrooms. This would ensure her satisfaction and suited her needs.

Eating Disorder

This was a vital problem in Lovato’s healthy life. Heroin overdose discouraged her eating habits. She even relapsed a few months after celebrating her 8 years of sobriety. She ate less food as she struggled to with drug substance problems. However, reports say that she started to recover after undergoing rehabilitation for 6 years. Excess usage of heroin in your body will limit you from eating well. Her body needed healthy foods to recover and reclaim her shape and health.

Heroin Addiction
Overdose death rates in America: A sobering reality.


More drugs in our body can cause death. Lovato claims that she was about to die before she was hospitalized. Heroin has a negative impact on our body. It leads to abnormal behaviors in our minds. She says that this problem even affected her celebrity career. This is when she was 18 years old. The 6 years that she spent in the rehab was not a joke, she felt stressed and depressed. This made her think about her life.

Heroin Addiction
Heroin Addiction: User breakdown.

Mental illness

This is a disorder that affects our mental thinking. The singer songwriter had a mental illness that resulted from excess use of drugs. She tells her fans how she turned to the sober mind after a prolonged period of time.

In a Philadelphia stage, she narrates how mental disorder affected her life just like the hundreds of thousands of Americans. However, she was so lucky to regain from this problem. Her recent documentary known as Simply Complicated ( see below) reveals how Lovato tasted and experimented cocaine when she was still 17-years old. After tasting, she “loved” the drug immediately.

The above effects of heroin and other drugs may affect you if you are addicted just like Lovato. If you have one of these problems, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional or a doctor for more advice. This is because drugs such as heroin may suppress your body organs. Lovato uses the social media to address the effects of cocaine and how it negatively changed her life.