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31 Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas and Inexpensive favour.

wedding favour ideas
Wedding favour ideas for your upcoming wedding-trends in celebrating marriage.
wedding favour ideas
Cheap wedding favour ideas for your upcoming wedding-trends in celebrating marriage. Image via social media.

Cheap wedding favour ideas for your upcoming wedding: trends in celebrating marriage. On a tight budget but not sure how to rein costs in? See what other couples are coming up with.

There are many types of wedding favours you can easily purchase for your guests. But some couples prefer preparing for their wedding favors for a more personalized touch as it also signifies gratitude to their guests for attending one of the biggest events of their life. Wedding favors can be little gifts that are inexpensive and do not have to drill the biggest hole in your pocket.

Your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you shop around. Inexpensive weddings can be very elegant and give the guests the impression that you have spent a lot of money. Start by making a budget of how much you can afford to spend on all facets of the wedding clothing, venue, meal, decorations, flowers and photos and video. Then you can start shopping for reasonable and inexpensive prices in those areas.

Appreciating your guests with wedding favors at the time of the marriage party or the ceremony is a way of expressing your gratitude and affection for them. The guests will be enthralled with this small token of appreciation from the newly-wed couple.

Couples are always on the hunt for a unique wedding favor ideas to welcome their guests with a personal touch and flavor. The path of creativity has too many options and the couples are generally confused on how to devise some unique favors. The following are the wedding favor ideas and inexpensive favor you can use if you are on a tight budget!

Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas
Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas: Wedding survey for UK couples, 2016.

Survey: Find what others have been doing. You may find that the wedding favor ideas that are unique to you have already been used by many. It is best to discuss with your close relatives and friends who have ample experience in this regard. You will see that other couples have also had unique ideas for a wedding favor.

Try to discover what have been the striking elements in their wedding favor ideas that are unique. Your gifts to your guests must have some surprising features that make those the first of a kind. But, do not be over-indulgent with the striking factor, it may just the beauty of the favor boxes in which your gifts will be packed.

Decide variations: It is always better to plan different gifts for your male and female guests. Plan something separately for the children as well. Then, decide what this varied range of guests will most appreciate types of unique wedding favors. It will be best to devise a few ideas and arrange assorted gifts’ bank to collect from. Your guests definitely will be enchanted finding those unique wedding favor boxes waiting for them.

Balance Traditions and Modernity: There might be those in your guest list who prefer traditional favors, yet others may not like such rigidity and may be inclined towards modern gifts. Your gift must thus be a proper balance between these extremes. Most of the UK wedding favors have a good blend of traditional elements with the modern. They are suitable for almost everybody. Your unique ideas for wedding favors can well find a direction in this path.

Place Value in Substance: The memento you offer must have some value in the material so that the guests will place them in high esteem. A card with simple poetry may not have great aesthetic value, yet the same lines engraved on a pebble or grain of corn or preserved in a glass case will surely be treated as artistic. A unique wedding favor idea is best captured in personalized wedding favors, where you can emboss or engrave your name and the place of ceremony, with the mention of date and occasion.

Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas
Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas; Budgeting is central. As compiled by moneysmart.gov.au

Budget well: A wedding favor idea that is unique is not necessarily costly. The gift must neither be too expensive nor too cheap. Its uniqueness must not be contained in its price but in its value. Also, the memento should not be allowed to take away with itself the grandeur of the original event. So, decide a range and keep the production cost of your token within it. Don’t forget to consider the cost of the boxes or little bags in which you will place your gifts.

Bake cookies and personalize your message on your cookie. You can even make it a fortune cookie (with words of wisdom or a set of numbers for the lottery fanatic).

Buy sweets or candy in bigger lots and repackage them into smaller sachets or boxes. You can customize your box with your message by using sticker labels.

Get bags of potpourri and make smaller scented bags out of them. You can get ready made sachets or buy nice fabric to make your own. Tie the sachets up with lovely ribbons or lace.

Make creative coasters by cutting fancy shapes out of corkboard or buying die-cut ones and customizing them with your message stickers.

For an oriental twist, you can buy wholesale lots of wooden chopsticks (real ones, not disposable ones) and repackage them nicely in pairs. These are quite practical, and it symbolizes well for the wedding as chopsticks always come in pairs, just like every couple.

For summer weddings, hand-held fans are a pretty favor to give. You can personalize them with your message, and the guests can take them home after the event.

Gardening lovers will like the idea of receiving little sachets of seeds that they can try growing.

If you have a Polaroid camera, you can take instant pictures with your guests on an actual day, punch a hole immediately and tie a ribbon on top to make a unique bookmark.

Personalised fridge magnets are also a practical favor idea. You can print them yourself or get a professional printer to do it for you. You can choose lovely scenic pictures or cute pet images or even your wedding portrait and put your message on it.

Engraved Items: Items that are stamped with the date of the wedding and the names of the newly married couple are extremely popular. Having engraving done on your favor boxes is quite in style and gives your guests a sweet reminder of you for many years to come. Whether you select boxes, magnets, key fobs, wine bottle labels for engraving, or simply print the name and dates on labels or stickers to put on any gift you give, it can help make your gift unique.

CDs: Many couples like the idea of a CD gift that includes all of the couple’s favourite songs. Not only is it a fun gift for people who love to listen to music, but is a great way for your guests to remember you through the music you have chosen. If you are having special music performed for you during the wedding or if you want to include the music you will be using for your first dance together after the ceremony, it will be even more special. You can personalize it with a picture of the new couple on the CD itself.

Bottle Stopper: Giving something that is fun, yet practical as wedding favors is quite popular, and one of the favourites is the bottle stopper, especially one that is shaped like a heart. Salt and pepper shakers in the form of lovebirds are also very practical yet remind the recipient of your big day.

Placecard Holder: Another fun gift that is also practical is the place card holder that is also a photo frame that your guests can take home. You can often find small frames at great prices, and you could even put a picture of yourselves in the frame as part of your gift to your guests.

Environmentally Friendly Wedding Favours: Particularly at outdoor weddings, environmentally friendly wedding favors are gaining popularity. One suggestion is to purchase wildflower seeds in bulk and then put them in handmade paper holders. Your guests can take these favors home and then plant the seeds and be reminded of your joy every time they look at their wildflower garden. Other environmentally friendly ideas include beeswax candles or small plants.

Personalization: No matter what you give, you can personalize it. Personalization is a great way to show that you care about your guests and that you put some time and effort into selecting the gift. Decide what you as a couple like and go with something that interests you. Your only limit is your imagination – you can find something that works with any size budget, there are plenty of cheap wedding favors that suit all tastes. The main idea is that you pick something to give your guests that will give them a good memory of your wedding day.

Bubbles, especially for an outdoor wedding, a sky full of bubbles can make for some spectacular photos.

Retro Sweets. You can buy loads of sweets and chocolates that take you back to your childhood online now seeing those old favourites brings back memories for everybody and can fit wonderfully into a retro theme.

Balloons. All shapes and sizes, all colors to suit your color scheme, you can even hide little treasures and sweets inside before you blow them up or go for helium and watch even the most grown up of your guests descend into squeaky giggly voices by the end of the night.

Photo props – these go great with a photo booth and will encourage a little silliness. Go with your chosen wedding theme and get some cheap hats, wigs, glasses, and accessories for your guests to don while they pose for photos.

Mini spirits. Bought in bulk these don’t have to be expensive, go for a good range of different drinks (including non-alcoholic) and your guests will be happy.

Personalised sweets. Some companies allow you to print a (very small) message in favor of sweets. Choose your message, color scheme, even a picture and have individually wrapped favors delivered to your door.

Crackers. They’re not just for Christmas, you can get crackers all year round and even personalize the contents.

Kazoos: For your little wedding orchestra. Other little musical instruments like bells and drums are cheap to buy (look for children’s party bag stockists!) and fun to have your guests join in with the celebration.

Water pistols. Strictly for an outdoor wedding, and probably a fairly informal one! And be prepared for all the men to turn into four-year-olds… You might also want to think about changing out of your wedding dress before you let everybody loose.

Personalised T-shirts. Probably the most expensive option, although there are ways of printing them yourself at home using stencils. A great memento of your special day.

It is less expensive to hire a DJ for the music than a band.

Make your wedding favors by wrapping Hershey kisses in tulle and attaching a little Thank you note for the guests.

Consider buying silk floral arrangements as centre pieces for the tables rather than buying real flowers.

You can obtain the alcoholic beverages from a wholesaler at a lower cost than by buying them from the liquor store.

If you have long hair, then you need to apply adequate sprays to consolidate it and then hold it up by hairpins for weddings. Stuff like beads or small stones can always be found on such pins.

Giving the people in charge of corsages a small box of pins will change the flower experience for everyone. Don’t overlook the possibility of wrist corsages. Silk dresses often don’t have enough heft to support a corsage.

A person from each side of the family should have a list of people who are getting flowers and be responsible for getting them to the right people. (This should not be the bride) and it also should not be a wedding attendant

Wedding pin: Customized pin for your guest will look very unique. And it is super easy to do the customized now.

In conclusion, you could even rent a sound system, record your music and have one of your friends look after the music for you. In this way, you can make sure you have a selection of music that you like and that which will suit the tastes of your guests of all ages. you will also need wine for the table as well as for drinks for the guests during the dance.

Buying kegs of wine will also lower your costs if you don’t want the chore of making the wine yourself, these are much cheaper, and you can pick them up at department and dollar stores. Refrigerator magnets are also inexpensive ideas for favors that you can order in any amount when you shop online. Use balloons and paper streamers for the decorations and have a decorating party in which you can enlist the help of all your friends. Most of you will get it right and excel and impress your guests, and then there will be some of you (like the couple below) who will leave some of us wondering if you went slightly askew….indeed!