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Hot water challenge leads to Indiana teen with 2nd degree burns

Kyland Clark
Pictured, Indianapolis teen, Kyland Clark
Kyland Clark
Pictured, Indianapolis teen, Kyland Clark.

Kyland Clark Indianapolis teen victim of hot water challenge gone wrong after friend pours hot water on him during sleep, leaving him with 2nd degree burns.

Captivating the imaginations of teens is a new social media challenge known as the hot water challenge which has left one 15 year old Indiana boy seriously burned.

Following Indianapolis teen, Kyland Clark (unwittingly) partaking in the dare, WXIN reported the boy being left with second-degree burns following a friend pulling a prank on him last week.

Before the incident, Kyland and the pal looked up the social media craze on YouTube and decided to try the challenge, which involves pouring boiling hot water in tenuous circumstances. 

It was while Kyland was sleeping, his friend, allegedly as a ‘joke’ dumped boiling water on him, causing serious burns on his back, chest and face.

Told Kyland, My skin just fell off my chest, and then I looked in the mirror and I had skin falling off here and, on my face’. 

Kyland Clark Indiana teen hot water challenge gone wrong: extent of injuries.

The teen was admitted to a local hospital, where he remained under treatment for a week. However, doctors reportedly told Kyland that his skin will take several months to heal.

There are three layers to the skin: the epidermis (top), dermis (middle) and hypodermis (bottom).

First-degree burns affect the epidermis, and third-degree burns reach the hypodermis.