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How to Avoid Stress in Traffic Jams in California.

California traffic jams
California traffic jams: Aerial footage.
California traffic jams
California traffic jams: Aerial footage.

California traffic jams: Surviving chaotic & stressful situations on the round, making it an opportunity to be productive. Some ideas.

Those who live in California know better than anyone how exhausting and irritating traffic jams can be. Interestingly enough, at the core of the problem lies the fact that people actually love California and many immigrate there from other states. And when they do, they bring along their cars.

Now you can understand where all that flow of cars comes from. Many people wonder how Californians deal with the stress of living in traffic jams most of the time. Well, they did have no choice but to deal with it, and if you aren’t ready to relocate to another state, it’s time that you learn to deal with it too.

When in a Jam

Like it’s impossible to completely avoid driving, it is equally impossible to completely avoid jams. Sooner or later you will get stuck in a traffic jam. The worst thing is, the timing of this can be really bad, and you can be in a real hurry on your way to an important meeting. And if this takes place, how is it possible not to lose your head and temper? Well, strange though as this might sound, but the solution exists.

California traffic jams
California traffic jams: A way out?

A Way Out

Living in certain conditions teaches us certain lessons. And being stuck in a jam teaches us certain things, too. One of them is that time is precious. If you live a dynamic life and rarely have time for yourself, a traffic jam is an opportunity for you to make a break.

We bet you haven’t realized how many things you’ve postponed in the past due to a lack of time. You can call your friend, read a manual for your new portable gaming system, learn a few new Spanish words, and even make friends with other drivers. All of these things that you wanted to do but couldn’t because you were short of time can be done right there, on the road. Do not try to be in control of everything. There is nothing more stressful and frustrating than the situation that goes out of your control. Think about a traffic jam as of your chance to relax.

Knowing that traffic jams can happen everywhere, Californians don’t skimp and fit their cars with electronics that can keep them entertained. If you don’t own a good stereo system yet, maybe it’s time that you buy one. Listening to music is far more enjoyable than listening to the beeping noises of queueing cars. You could also take with you a tablet or laptop. Both could come in handy when needing to do some work online, send a message to your boss, or hold an important Skype conference. If you love reading books you could spend this time with an e-book, and if you love playing computer games you could find use for some gaming systems. What else you could do to make your life easy is to keep a power bank at hand. Hopefully, you will not be stuck in a jam for too long, but who knows when your phone runs out of juice.

California traffic jams
California traffic jams: When staying home is not an option.

When Staying at Home Is not an Option

Think about all the trips that you make during a day. Most likely than not, not all of them are equally important and most could be easily avoided. By decreasing the number of rides, you could not only save yourself from stress and headache but also make your own contribution in the improvement of the overall situation on the road. Like we’ve mentioned, many long trips can be avoided and many things can be taken care of over the Internet. Moreover, many stores offer quick delivery of their products right to the door.

Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid driving. But when you have to drive, make sure that you schedule your trips not during rush hours. For this, you can use a whole variety of applications and software designed to monitor the current situation on the road. Using these apps, you can follow the updates and drive round jams that begin to develop.

Be a Good Driver

Never violate the traffic rules in order not to cause traffic jams yourself. A good driver never allows himself to get involved in any conflicts on the road, and, while driving slower than many other participants, is able to reach his destination in faster.

Though all these things might seem little and insignificant, they can make a huge difference when being stuck in a traffic jam. So instead of living your life like a real-for-real hell, look at the problem from this viewpoint and don’t let frustration take control over you. California is a very beautiful state after all, and you’re lucky to live there.