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YouTube headquarters shooting: love triangle gone wrong

YouTube hq shooting
YouTube hq shooting. Screen shot.
YouTube hq shooting
YouTube hq shooting. Screen shot.

YouTube hq shooting: A female shooter has shot and killed herself after shooting at her boyfriend and others at YouTube’s headquarters in an instance of domestic violence. 

At least four people have been injured by a female shooter who shot and killed herself after going on a gun shooting spree at YouTube’s California headquarters in what is thought to have been a domestic violence related incident, or possible love triangle gone wrong.

The shooter, who was reportedly a middle aged white woman dressed in a headscarf, shot at her boyfriend, a YouTube employee, before turning the gun on herself on Tuesday, witnesses told Fox News.

Law enforcement sources said that the shooting was linked to a domestic incident, with the female shooter acting alone.

Armed with a pistol, the woman approached an outdoor dining area and shot at her boyfriend around 12:45 p.m. local time reported KRON4. She shot him and two others — and then killed herself, according to police.

California‘s San Bruno PoliceSan Mateo County Sheriff, and other local police agencies told of responding to emergency calls of a shooting attack on April 3, 2 PM Tuesday afternoon. The violence broke out at the Youtube Google headquarters on Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, California.

Brent Andrew, a spokesperson for San Francisco General Hospital Trauma Center gave a press briefing. There are three patients which were transported there.

At this time, what is being reported: One female, 32; Second female in serious condition, 27; Male in critical condition, 36 years old.  At 3:30pm PST there will be a surgeon who is giving the next update, with more details. We do not know for sure what kind of injuries, but there is every reason to assume it is gunshot wounds. The surgeon who will update is a specialist in gunshot wounds.

At least one of the injured had been found on the campus. At least two others were found in adjacent buildings.

There were also one or more other victims of the shooting who were transported to another area hospital, the Stanford Medical Center.

YouTube hq shooting suspect: ‘Come at me, or come get me.’ 

The authorities are interviewing witnesses and clearing the entire building. Police Chief Ed Barberini of the task force stated, ‘It is a monumental task, with the number of employees at the building’. 

The shooting is believed to have occurred during lunch hour with the actual YouTube campus spread over 200,000 sq ft with an estimated 1,700 employees.

An employee who stated he was in the building at the time of the incident, tweeted out his status.

‘Heard shots and saw people running while at my desk,’ one employee, Vadim Lavrusik, wrote on Twitter just before 1 p.m. ‘Now barricaded inside a room with coworkers.’

Zach Vorhies, a senior software engineer at the company, told AP that the fire alarm went off but employees didn’t realize it was an active shooting situation. As they calmly exited the building, he said he saw a shooter in the courtyard shouting, ‘Come at me, or come get me.’ Vorhies said he froze and saw a victim on his back with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his stomach.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that this is not considered a terrorist action and was the result of a domestic incident, with the shooter targeting someone who worked on the YouTube campus. The reports are stating that the perpetrator was wearing ‘a dark top and a head scarf’.

YouTube hq shooting suspect: motive theories emerge

Some observers of the opinion that this incident seems to have been predictable. It could be, if one considers the ominous threats of ISIS and related terrorist groups.

Reported PJ Media in October, 2017: ‘A posting distributed in English, Arabic and French by the Ashhad Media Foundation shows a hooded figure in front of a laptop computer branded with the ISIS insignia and icons of social media sites in the background, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube. They also included the employment networking site LinkedIn.’

This writer is a former Youtube content-creator and I am digging for answers, wondering What would cause such a violent disruption at an otherwise peaceful location? After all, Youtube headquarters is a gun-free zone and it is known for promoting peace and not hate.

Gossip is abounding on Youtube.com itself.  A vlogger called ‘Framers for Truth’ broadcast a live stream from his vehicle. He stated that there is speculation from one of his sources that the female shooter entered the premises and ‘went crazy’ due to a love triangle gone wrong. He also stated that the incident was centered around the lunch room of the vast Youtube headquarters. 

A further review of the channel shows that, ‘Farmers for Truth’ is a gun advocate, of the opinion that this would not happen if there were second amendment supporters at the scene, to defend against an aggressor.

Vlogging also from a vehicle, Defango stated that he was in the area at the time.  He learned from sources, the violence burst out during a party which was occurring in the building.

Channel ‘American Gun Chic’ has posted her statement of sorrow if anybody was injured in such an incident. Obvious from her channel name, this youtuber is also a gun advocate.  She stated, ‘But if anything did happen to anyone, then I feel for you, I’m praying for everybody and I just wish they would have a gun to protect themselves’. 

Beyond the free press offerings of alternative media, the main video being watched in these initial hours is produced by CBS news. This is intentionally being featured by Youtube itself and was streamed around 3 PM Tuesday and view count 52K views within 2 hours. It contains the footage of the press conference by San Bruno Police Chief. Of note is that public comments were not allowed (chat and video comments disabled) on that video watch page.

With all the suspicion swirling around these days, there is already doubt about this event.  It is being called a ‘psyop’ by some. This means that many people are of the opinion that it is staged. We do not know for certain, in this era of ‘fake news’.  I think it’s a fair question, to continue our discussions, in a free society, a real civilization.