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Why? Tina Farrington, Florida mom stuffs four year old daughter’s body in Miami Dade dumpster

Tina Farrington
Pictured, Florida mother, Tina Farrington who dumped her four year old daughter’s body in a Miami Dade dumpster. Screen grab.

What led to Tina Farrington a Miami, Florida mother suffocating her four year old daughter and dumping her body at her residential dumpster? 

Tina Farrington a Miami, Florida mother has been charged with first degree murder after her four year old daughter’s body was found in a dumpster.

The ‘discarded’ body of Tania Paige was found when a man throwing out trash on Sunday came across the young girl’s remains at his south west Miami apartment complex located at Tuscany Place Apartments, 25470 SW 137th Ave, circa 12.45pm. 

Notice of the Tania’s discarded body came when resident, Alan Tapia noticed feet sticking out of a blanket.

Come Monday, Farrington, 31, was was held without bond at the Miami-Dade County jail on a first-degree murder charge reported the Miami Herald.

An arrest report filed by Miami-Dade County police said Farrington suffocated Tania with a pillow on Halloween after becoming angry with the girl.

Farrington said she became ‘furious’ after ‘hearing the girl talk back to her.’

Nbc Miami reported Farrington luring Tania and her two year old brother to a bedroom, and then using a pillow to suffocate her.

Police said Farrington hid Tania’s body in the trunk of her 2013 Nissan for several days until she noticed a foul odor.

From there, Farrington moved the child’s body early Sunday to the dumpster in her apartment complex, where the girl’s body remained for 14 hours before being discovered.

Police said the son was apparently unharmed.

Tina Farrington
Pictured the dumpster at Tuscany Apartment complex where Tina Farrington dumped her daughter’s body. Screen grab.

Tina Farrington daughter had long been the victim of child abuse: 

Police said Tania had likely long been the victim of abuse — bruises were discovered on the girl’s arms, legs and torso.

‘Anything involving a child is always going to be difficult,’ said Miami-Dade police spokesman Argemis Colome. ‘This hits everybody.’

Of note, Farrington didn’t have an extensive criminal history, save a 2008 arrest for disorderly conduct for getting into a wild brawl at Mango’s Tropical Cafe in South Beach. The charge was dropped.

The Florida Department of Children & Families, which investigates child abuse, said that Tania had been the subject of an investigation in 2016 but in a case that did not involve her mother.

The investigation uncovered no indicators of abuse but DCF spokeswoman Jessica Sim said in a statement that the agency will review how it handled the previous case. Farrington’s son was in the care of relatives, DCF said, and the agency would support that child ‘in any way we can.’

‘We are disgusted and devastated by the death of this innocent girl,’ said DCF Secretary Mike Carroll in a statement. ‘DCF has opened a child death investigation to review all circumstances that led to this tragedy and will assist police in any possible way to hold anyone responsible accountable for this heinous act.’

Farrington told investigators she was unemployed. It wasn’t clear whether the mother had sought community or local government assistance in the raising of her two children.

Jail records did not show whether Farrington having an attorney.