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Kimberly Hopf and Stefania Bishop attack pregnant sister cause she didn’t deserve baby

Kimberly Hopf and Stefania Bishop
Pictured Penn Hills, Pennsylvania women, Kimberly Hopf and Stefania Bishop .
Kimberly Hopf and Stefania Bishop
Pictured Verona, Pennsylvania women, Stefania Bishop (left) and Kimberly Hopf (right).

Two Pennsylvania women, Kimberly Hopf and Stefania Bishop attack an expectant mother after believing the pregnant woman didn’t deserve to have a child.

Kimberly Hopf, 26 and Stefania Bishop, 27, two Pennsylvania women have been accused of assaulting an expectant mother and her unborn child because they didn’t believe the pregnant woman deserved to have a baby.

Cops say the two Verona women attacked the victim, Hopf’s sister, Kori Hopf, while she was in the shower early Friday, at her father’s Penn Hills home.

The victim who is one month pregnant, protected herself and the unborn child during the assault by curling up in a fetal position, according to a report via pittsburghcbs.local

Police arrested Kimberly Hopf in connection with the assault, while Bishop remains on the run; a warrant is out for the woman’s arrest.

‘The officers responded to the address and found the victim alone in the home. She stated to police that she was in the shower and was attacked by her sister and a friend of her sisters,’ said Howard Burton, chief of the Penn Hills Police Department.

The victim told investigators that her sister was attempting to kick her in the stomach.

‘You don’t deserve to have a baby,’ Kimberly Hopf allegedly said to her sister, adding, ‘I’m not going to be an aunt to your child.’

As that was happening Bishop was allegedly punching the victim in the head and face. Kori Hopf declined medical treatment, believing that the child wasn’t injured because her injuries were to her shins and not the stomach area.

‘Fortunately, the victim curled up in the fetal position, protecting her unborn child,’ Burton said. ‘So she did not receive any blows to the stomach.’

It wasn’t immediately clear if there had been previous animosity between the sisters and how the pregnant woman came to be targeted.

The two women now face charges of aggravated assault on an unborn child. The unborn child was not injured.

Stefania Bishop
Pictured Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania woman, Stefania Bishop. Image via Facebook.