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Sherri Haughton: Why I abandoned my pet dog with 42 pound tumor

Sherri Haughton
Pictured Sherri Haughton's former pet dog, Henry.
Sherri Haughton
Pictured Sherri Haughton’s former pet dog, Henry. Pictured to the right, Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Control officer.

What led to Sherri Haughton a Newport Coast woman abandoning her pet dog and failing to seek treatment when other options existed for the dog’s needs? 

Sherri Haughton a 52 year old Newport Coast, California woman has been charged after abandoning her golden retriever with a massive tumor at an animal hospital.

Charged with four misdemeanors on Wednesday, open outcry against the former pet owner has ensued after it was revealed that the woman told an animal hospital in May that she had found the dog at the beach.

Upon being brought in, it was determined that 7 year old Henry was suffering from a 42 pound malignant tumor on his side.

Sherri Haughton
Pictured, Sherri Haughton’s pet dog at the time of its abandonment.

According to KTLA , the dog was taken into the custody of Newport Beach Police Department‘s Animal Control unit where it received veterinary treatment. To date, Henry continues to receive medical care so the tumor does not grow back. 

So pervasive had the cancer growth become, the 42-46 pound tumor was pushing on Henry’s right leg, preventing him from walking properly or even being able to lift his leg to relieve himself noted My News LA.

T0ld Valerie Schomburg, a Newport Beach animal-control supervisor:  ‘It’s very shocking that (the tumor) got that big and that someone wouldn’t do the right thing,’

‘Whoever did this to Henry might have to answer to it.’ 

His former owner, Sherri Haughton, was charged Wednesday with four misdemeanor counts, including life-endangering animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abandonment and interfering with the duties of an animal control officer. 

Charges against the woman comes after Orange County animal officials said there are several programs that offer owners help taking care of their pets if they cannot afford to do so, including turning over pets to animal services.

How or why the woman allowed the dog’s condition to deteriorate to the extent that it did before dumping it (some say at the beach initially) remains unclear.

The DA’s office went on to say that there was evidence that Haughton had taken her dog to the vet and upon receiving information about his condition, Haughton declined obtaining treatment for the pet.

Sherri Haughton is set to be arraigned in January. If convicted, the former pet owner faces up to two years in Orange County jail.

Henry has since been placed in a foster family where his condition continues to be monitored.

Sherri Haughton
Sherri Haughton’s former pet dog in May.
Sherri Haughton
Pictured, Henry after being left at an animal hospital.
Sherri Haughton
Henry begins to make head-way after donations poured in for the cost of surgery.
Sherri Haughton
Henry, is said to be a fighter and determined to make it.