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Jacqueline Bjorndal babysitter arrested after 5 year old baby drowns while she smoked meth and marijuana

Jacqueline Bjorndal
Pictured, Jacqueline Bjorndal.
Jacqueline Bjorndal
Pictured, Jacqueline Bjorndal.

How Jacqueline Bjorndal a Palm Bay, Florida nanny came to let 5 year old toddler, Aubrey Alcott under her care drown while under the influence.

Jacqueline Bjorndal a 22 year old Palm Bay, Florida babysitter has been arrested after a five year old baby she was supposed to be watching drowned.

The child drowned whilst the woman was under the influence of drugs.

At the time the nanny said she had been smoking meth and marijuana when she let the toddler, Aubrey Alcott go outside and play with her pet pig.

Upon Jacqueline Chiara Bjorndal’s arrest, Lt Mike Bandish of the Palm Bay police told via News 6 that ‘alcohol and various drugs were involved in this incident’. 

The night before the drowning, Bjorndal had gone to a party where she was drinking and used a ‘multitude of drugs’ a police report said. 

The incident occurred at Bjorndal’s home on November 25 notes a report via wftv.

At some point, Bjorndal became aware that the toddler wasn’t to be seen, which is when she began to look for her.

It wasn’t until the arrival of Bjorndal’s roommate some 20 minutes after the child had gone outside that the roommate went outside when he came across the toddler who had fallen into the backyard swimming pool, described to be filthy.

It was there in the shadow in the deep end of the pool that the roommate pulled out the child out.

Police said Aubrie’s mother had specifically warned Bjorndal not to let the girl anywhere near the pool.

‘The mother knew that Aubrie couldn’t swim and she didn’t want her back by the pool’, Bandish said.

In a 911 call released by the police department, a dispatcher can be heard giving instructions on how to perform CPR.

‘We got a little girl who fell in the pool, and she’s not breathing. Her lips are blue,’ the roommate said.

He told the dispatcher that he was unsure how long the child had been under water. 

From there the roommate could be heard relaying CPR and chest compression instructions to Bjorndal as she took over lifesaving efforts.

‘Try to keep the mother calm, OK, but let those compressions and the CPR continue, OK?‘ the operator said.

 Kathryn Aho
Pictured, the child’s mother, Kathryn Aho and the toddler victim, Aubrey Alcott.
Aubrie Alcott
Pictured, Aubrie Alcott

The child’s mother, Kathryn Aho, noted the dailymail said on Facebook that her daughter was ‘my angel; my entire world’.  

Of question is whether the mother was aware of Bjorndal’s addiction or whether she should have known that Bjorndal wasn’t necessarily fit to take care of a child. Let alone herself.

Jacqueline Bjorndal has since been charged with aggravated manslaughter by neglect of a child.

Come Thursday, a  judge set bond at $50,000.
Additionally, the judge said Bjorndal couldn’t watch anymore children and was not allowed to return to the house.
Bjorndal’s next scheduled court appearance is her arraignment on Jan. 5.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family in connection to funeral costs where as of Friday afternoon $4,390 has been raised.

Jacqueline Bjorndal
Pictured, Jacqueline Bjorndal. To the right, Aubrey Alcott.