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Who cut Julian Assange’s internet access and why?

Julian Assange internet
Julian Assange internet link goes down. A US covert mission to silence the activist?
Julian Assange internet
Julian Assange internet link goes down. A US covert mission to silence the activist?

Julian Assange internet link goes down: A US covert mission to silence the activist? A range of theories emerge as the activist’s internet access goes down.

In the days after a slew of revealing and incriminating leaking of emails against Democratic Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton and her controversial super charitable fund, the Clinton Foundation, Wikileaks Julian Assange on Monday announced that his internet access to the outside world from the Ecuadorean embassy where he is holed up has been suddenly cut.

According to a statement released by Assange, the much maligned journalist and activist who has been forced to seek sanctuary at the London based Ecuador embassy over the past four years for fear of arrest and extradition to the US, the activist said his ‘internet access has been cut by an unidentified state actor.’

Was Ecuador embassy pressured to cut Julian Assange internet access?

Despite the constant threat of immediate arrest should he ever step outside of the London compounds after skipping bail to face purported sex crime allegations against him in Sweden, the activist has continued to unsettle government and corporate agencies the world over with a swath of disconcerting and revealing leaks.

Yet to be necessarily understood is if whether the attack targeted only Assange, or whether the entire embassy had been affected?

Told a spokesperson at the Ecuador embassy after media requests for further comment: ‘I cannot disclose any information.’

Also declining to comment is London’s Metropolitan Police who have a phalanx of operatives outside the embassy perimeters awaiting to arrest the Australian activist should he ever step out.

The shut down comes as rumors floated over the weekend that Assange may have died after a ‘surprise visit’ from BayWatch actress and permanent Hollywood persona, Pamela Anderson, 49.

On Saturday the former Baywatch star walked into the Ecuadorian embassy in London clutching bags from Pret A Manger, the popular UK sandwich shop. The visit piqued eyebrows with many wondering the pair’s association, even spawning a theory that the actress had been sent in to poison the activist who has been a constant thorn to the underbelly of the US  government.

Offered Anderson, an animal rights activist after her weekend visit: ‘I really believe in him and think he’s a good person, and I’m concerned about his health, his family, and I just hope that by some miracle he’s set free.’ 

Conspiracy theorists have since reacted to the closing of Julian Assange’s internet access with the claims that the closure was linked to John Kerry’s visit to London to meet Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, sparking debate whether Kerry might be Wikileaks ‘next victim.’

Interestingly, former Donald Trump insider, Roger Stone went so far as to tweet John Kerry has threatened the Ecuadorian President with ‘grave consequences for Equador’ if Assange is not silenced.’

Online commentators also pointed to cryptic tweets being disseminated tweets as a ‘dead man’s keys’ or ‘dead man’s switch’– encryption codes revealing highly classified secrets to be unveiled in the case of his death.

‘Praying for Julian. I hope he isn’t dead. This does look like an emergency dead man’s switch,’ wrote one Reddit user.

Julian Assange internet
Julian Assange internet link break down is also speculated to be part of mainstream media collusion with the oligarch hegemony intent on keeping the ‘system’ in place.

Not overlooked is the timing of the internet closure, with many pointing to WikiLeaks having dumped more than 1,000 emails leaked from the account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, to the public on Saturday. Leaks that the mainstream press continue to overlook as they continue to jump over each other’s shoulders to relish in Donald Trump allegations of sexual misconduct.

Media coverage that many wonder is geared to ensure that Hillary Clinton gains the presidency where she can continue to do the bidding of entrenched financial interests and oligarchic interests where she was recently revealed to have covert public and private points of views courtesy of Assange’s Wikileaks.

Not ignored are comments that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made in 2010 asking if Assange could be killed in a drone strike.

Julian Assange internet
Was Julian Assange internet link taken down related to previous comments by Hillary Clinton?

Of note, a report via fox describes experts speculating that WikiLeaks is not an independent organization, but in fact a front for the Russian government.

Reports the news outlet: ‘Podesta suggested recently on “Fox News Sunday” that his emails had been hacked by the Russians, and officials also have determined a recent hacking of the Democrat Party’s computer files was likely the work of Russian actors.’

Responding to the disruption of Assange’s internet service, Zero Hedge contemplated:

‘So far there had been no intervention by outside entities to attempt to silence Julian Assange, so the latest intervention “by a state party”, if confirmed would be a notable escalation in the status quo, and suggests that Wikileaks may have even more damaging revelations to come.’

WikiLeaks in turn have told late Monday morning, local UK time, that they ‘have activated the appropriate contingency plans’ as they try to restore Julian Assange’s internet link.