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Mohammad Robinson shot and killed for refusing to hold door open for woman at McDonalds

Mohammad Robinson
Pictured, Mohammad Robinson.
Mohammad Robinson
Pictured, Mohammad Robinson.

What led to Mohammad Robinson a Las Vegas dying a senseless death over claims he refused to hold a door open at a local McDonald’s.

Mohammad Robinson a 31 year old Las Vegas man has been shot and killed after being accused of refusing to hold a door open for a women at a McDonald’s outlet.

The incident happened late Saturday evening when Mohammad Nestor Robinson visited the Pecos Road franchise when he was accused by the woman’s boyfriend for failing to oblige his girlfriend.

Police now tell the boyfriend is on the run after gunning down the father.

Told the victim’s mother via KVVU:He was coming into McDonald’s and some female was going out,’

‘The door closed before she could get out and what happened is she said a few choice words to him.’

The unidentified woman’s boyfriend confronted Robinson in the parking lot, according to police, and the two argued before the man pulled out a gun and shot him multiple times.

Mohammad Robinson was rushed to University Medical Center where he died Sunday morning.

Robinson’s girlfriend and the mother of their 3-month-old child told KSNV her boyfriend was not the type to look for a fight, saying, ‘He was the utmost respect for his elders. Yes, ma’am — no sir. He’s not confrontational even when we would argue he’d walk away.’

Told Mohammad Robinson’s 14 year old daughter, Miniya Sampson: ‘It’s horrible. I want my dad back and you took him away from me!’

Adding: ‘It was a stupid reason honestly, irrelevant. It doesn’t make any sense why would you actually take someone’s life over not opening a door.’

Sampson believes her father died because of a misunderstanding.

‘My dad would open the door and hold it for the lady but he probably didn’t hear her,’ said Sampson.

The family is asking for GoFundMe donations to help pay for Robinson’s burial costs.

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  • Kathy W

    If they have a picture or description, I wish the police would share with the public so we can catch this guy.

  • AbnDoc

    Pointing out hypocrisy isn’t racism. The racism comes from liberals who only cry over someone dying if they can use it to promote their false persona of being “for the poor”, ‘for Blacks”, “for women” etc. When you have to lie to get a protest going then ignore facts that don’t fit your agenda, that is the definition of racism when it is Blacks you are using.

  • beowolfe

    You racist animals will be the death of humanity.

  • beowolfe

    You can’t be THAT stupid. Or can you?

  • DNA Explains It All

    Guessing it was like 95% of such killings, done by another black. Dog bites man, nothing to see, move along. No mention of the race of the shooter tells you right off not a white person cause those are thrown up in neon.

  • Grover Downs

    On this tragedy, Colin Kaepernick, BLM, Hillary, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Josh Earnest, Shmuck Chewmer have all said the same thing … nothing.