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Why did AJ Armstrong kill father Antonio Armstrong NFL great and wife?

AJ Armstrong
Pictured AJ Armstrong via facebook.
AJ Armstrong
Pictured AJ Armstrong via facebook.

What led to AJ Armstrong also known as Antonio Armstrong Jr shooting dead his NFL football legend father Antonio Armstrong and his mother?

NFL linebacker great Antonio Armstrong and his wife Dawn, both 42, have been shot and killed inside their Houston home at the hands of the former football great’s son.

Charged with the couple’s murder was their 16 year old son, AJ Armstrong also known as Antonio Armstrong Jr.

News of the shooting death comes after police were called to Antonio Armstrong’s home in Bellaire, Texas circa 2.15 am on Friday. Upon entering the home, authorities told of finding the wife dead while Antonio, 42 who’d suffered a gunshot wound to the head, was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Along with the 16 year old son, the couple also had two other children, 20 year old son, Josh Armstrong and a 12 year old daughter, Kayra Armstrong.

A report via NBC Houston told of no history of domestic violence at the home or any previous calls to the family home.

Houston police said they had yet to determine a motive.

‘It was kind of the All-American family, that’s why we’re trying to get down to figure out what’s going on in this household,‘ homicide detective Jimmy Dodson told KHOU.

Investigators who searched the home found a smoking gun next to a note next reading, ‘I’ve been watching you’, according to KTRK.

Told Dawn’s cousin, Vaun Lee Armstrong‘They’re the family that everyone wanted to be like… her and Antonio together, they are what they call a power couple,’ 

Adding: There was nothing left out. There was no neglect or anything. There was nothing that even could possibly have justified this situation. 

‘This doesn’t even make sense. It makes no sense.’

Of note, Antonio Armstrong’s son, AJ had also sought to follow in his father’s footsteps with the son’s Hudl page describing AJ Armstrong as a football and basketball star at Kinkaid High School in Piney Point Village, Texas.

AJ Armstrong
Pictured Antonio Armstrong and wife, Dawn.

AJ Armstrong

A report via the dailymail tells of Antonio Armstrong having been a college All-American with Texas A&M in 1994, before being drafted in the sixth-round by the San Francisco 49ers

In 1995, he played four games for the Miami Dolphins, while also spending three seasons in the CFL with the British Columbia Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Since retiring, Armstrong had pursued a career in motivational speaking, along with opening a fitness company called 1st Class Training with his wife. They had three locations across Houston.

Former Texas A&M coach R.C. Slocum released a statement after learning of his former player’s death.

‘Antonio was a special young man. He was an All-American and an outstanding player, but he was an even better person,’ Slocum said. 

‘He was such a positive influence on his teammates. He always had a great big smile and was a joy to coach.’ 

AJ Armstrong
AJ Armstrong pictured with his parents.
AJ Armstrong
Pictured, AJ Armstrong.

According to a Facebook post Dawn and Antonio Armstrong served in a local Christian ministry together. The Houston Chronicle reports that the ministry, Spirit and Life Kingdom Center, was led by Pastor Kay Shorter. The Armstrong’s eldest son, Josh, also worked at the ministry.

Ironically only three hours prior to his shooting death, Antonio Armstrong had uploaded one of his many self help videos on his Facebook page.

Told the father in the clip, ‘Remember this: You can never allow your talent to take you some place that your character cannot keep you. … We spend too much time looking in the rearview mirror instead of dealing with that large window that’s in front of us.’

Of disconcerting note a recent twitter post included AJ Armstrong posting, ‘YALL WTF LOOK AT MY GIRL.’ A note that eerily echoes the one that was found next to the smoking gun at the scene of the crime, reading: ‘I’ve been watching you’,

The note seems to imply that the son may have suspected his father behaving in a way improper in relation to his girlfriend. See twitter post below.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help support the couple’s remaining children.

AJ Armstrong
Pictured, Antonio Armstrong

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  • lee smith

    Car Privileges? You’re the second person Ive heard say something about him killing them because they took away his car. Where did you hear/read that? (just curious)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just blame Trump or white broadly. Case closed

  • ralphlaw

    Just a few months ago this year there was another young man, about his age that killed his entire family after suffering a concussion while playing basketball.

  • Robbin Masters

    Wow, what a grossly irresponsible piece.

  • Daniel Polar

    Look at my girl?? Not anymore you stupid Ni##er

  • Nick

    Dear Christopher, you’re a fucking idiot. A University of Houston admin writes “all lives matter” and is forced to step down and you write this absolute drivel trying to connect a teens tweet that’s most obviously a tweet showing teen pride about a girl who he believes to be a girl WAY out of his league and all you get is people like me bitching about your idiocy. The tweet and note do not connect and you’re sensationalizing a really mucked up situation. Go and fuck yourself. Do the world a favor and NEVER write another article.

  • Creaux

    Thank you, Arii! I completely agree – this is one of the most irresponsible and poorly written pieces of journalism (and I use that term loosely here) that I’ve ever read. Shame on the author!

  • Jimmy

    That’s not what Mr. Armstrong stood for. Your entitled to your opinion, but please don’t try to diminish this man’s character.
    He preached the word of God, and lived God’s word.

  • Arii

    Stop writing articles. You can’t connect the dots. Your deduction skills are none existent. How did you come to the conclusion that a note saying, “I’ve been watching you,” is related to a tweet of a boy bragging on his girlfriend? How do you function in the world?

  • Arii

    To me, it looks like the kid thought he could 1) kill his parents, 2) regain his car privileges, and 3) walk away with some insurance money. The note was supposed to be from some mysterious killer who, for whatever reason, had been watching the couple and then killed the couple. Dumb evil kid.

  • Alisa

    He did not think his dad was hitting or interested in his gf. He is saying in the tweet like at my girl he was showing her off.

  • T. Pimienta


    And to this entire ordeal!

    After looking into the Armstrongs facebook profiles it appears they were TRULY loved by everyone they came in contact with.

    I noticed how they loved their children deeply & they raised them with honor. But I couldn’t help but notice this young man (AJ) was involved in contact sports. That struck something in me. I’m sure NO ONE! saw this coming and according to reports there was no motive but a strange note was left, “I’ve been watching you.” This (to me) sounds like he may have either #1 had underlying known/unknown mental issues. #2 There’s a good chance ( and should not be ruled out) that he could have suffered a concussion while playing football. What he did is a sign of maybe CTE symptoms. Yeah…the media and there are reports about him wanting some shoes which led to the shootingsm but think about it….if that were so that should not trigger him to kill his parents. Something! !! was going on in this young mans brain that either his parents new or didn’t know & I can bet he might have suffered a concussion recently or in the past. Praying for all involved, regardless of the outcome.

    I believe it was deeper than what people are “speculating” & authorities haven’t even released a statement about a motive.

    Bottom line WE.DONT.KNOW & probably won’t until he appears in court or police releases a statement.Reliable family resources have put out a statement on Facebook advising NOT to believe what you hear or read in the media outlets. People are literally drawing their own conclusions but no one know right now.

  • tanna tayloe

    Saw some on the net his ww girlfriend was like 13 or 14 and pregnant. The parents wouldn’t pay for a abortion

  • Glam GP

    I have no idea how you can jump to the conclusion from the two notes that the dad was behaving improperly towards son’s gf, nor would that explain why he shot his mother too. As someone else said, the twitter post is a brag post about how good his girl looks. The whole thing sounds more like the son had an undiagnosed or improperly treated mental illness to me.

  • IVC16

    This is a horrible story. Wth could bring yhus young man to do this crazy shh?!! Im confused man..why? Prayers to the family, they will need them all. The little girl omg idk

  • Brandie Diaz

    I don’t think he did it. And the Twitter message has nothing to do with the note found by the gun. The Twitter post is him bragging about how good his girl looks. News is twisting shit making something out of nothing. And if he did kill his mom and dad…. Kids don’t kill their parents for no reason…. What happens behind closed doors…..

  • Jason Williams

    Pops was hittin his WW smh. WW will always be our kryptonite

  • Erin

    But even if it were true, why would he kill his mom? So horribly disturbing.