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School hush up: Aileen Jiminian bullied student jumps in front of subway during lunch break

Aileen Jiminian
Aileen Jiminian
Pictured Manhattan Village Academy Principal Hector Geager with student. (not the student who killed themselves)- Photo via nyc.gov

Aileen Jiminian Manhattan Village Academy bullied student suicide death: Why have school authorities sought to side step one student’s death?

Aileen Jiminian a 17 year old Manhattan student has killed herself after the bullied teen slipped out of school during lunch hour and stepped into the path of a subway train.

Aileen Jiminian’s suicide death according to a report via the nypost comes after she left the Manhattan Village Academy campus in Flatiron on Thursday and climbed onto the the tracks at the 23rd Street Station on Seventh Avenue, where she was fatally struck by a 1 train at around 12:30 p.m.

Told a student via the tabloid: ‘She wasn’t in my grade, but I know that other kids would pick on her.’

‘It’s really sad. She would get called stupid or ugly or awkward. Some kids are just really mean.’

Why the girl came to be mercilessly picked on is yet to necessarily be understood. Also not understood is if the Aileen Jiminian at any point turned to authorities at school and if so what measures they may have taken? If any?

A source at the school has since told of several students seeking counseling and being upset with  themselves over ‘how they treated her.

Added the source: Some of the students were feeling guilty because they were so mean to her.’

Aileen Jiminian
Manhattan Village Academy in Chelsea, Manhattan.

But here’s where things get weird and don’t sit well with this author.

School staff have since told students not to discuss Aileen Jiminian’s suicide death and have since described the bullied student’s death as an ‘accident.’

Reiterated the source: We were told not to talk about her or what happened,’

‘Our teacher told us last week that she got into a bad accident.’

On Monday, the school sent out a letter to students’ families informing them that Jiminian had ‘passed away.’

Told the letter in part as signed by the school’s principal, Hector Geager: This loss of Aileen is sure to raise many emotions, concerns, and questions for our entire school, especially our students.’

The letter ends with a plea to parents to ask their kids not to post anything about Jiminian online.

‘Please, at the request of Aileen’s family, impress upon your child not to post any information regarding this tragedy on social media,’ the letter says.

Aileen Jiminian

Which begs the awkward question why have school authorities attempted to side step Aileen Jiminian’s death and is it any surprise that perhaps the deceased student felt such a disagree of disregard, ambivalence and self loathing not necessarily at the hand of students. but school authorities themselves, that in the young teen’s mind she felt stymied?

A regard of the web leads to a troubling blog post documenting Hector Geager’s method of teaching, citing him as a misbehaving principal.

Reads a blog post: ‘The city cut backdoor deals with a handful of misbehaving principals last year rather than seek stiffer penalties through disciplinary hearings.’

‘Among those who signed hush-hush agreements with the Department of Education was Manhattan Village Academy Principal Hector Geager — who dealt with a troublesome student by altering her transcript, handing her a diploma and illegally expelling her three months shy of graduation.’

According to the nypost, Aileen Jiminian was a 2016 semifinalist for the New York Times College Scholarship program. She had a twin sister who attends the school.

Manhattan Village Academy referred all questions to the Department of Education.

‘I am deeply saddened by the tragic loss of one of our students and my heart breaks for her family and the entire school community at Manhattan Village Academy,’ Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said in a statement.

‘We are working closely with the school to provide crisis resources to support and comfort those grieving during this very difficult time.’


Aileen Jiminian

Aileen Jiminian

Aileen Jiminian

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  • Guest

    That fucking principal is the devil, he’s a dictator that likes to get his students in trouble. He likes being in control and mean to people. no doubt he and school authorities had something to do with it. It’s a small school so he was literally everywhere you went. Plus telling students to not talk about it? Really? I don’t even know how I graduated this hs.

  • Alberto M.

    Philly Guy, you posted the same exact message on another site covering this story. What’s your agenda? Are you being paid to post this?

  • Sophia

    You are so disgusting for that. People like you need to be educated and open up your mind. You had no idea what that poor girl was going through. So shut the fuck up and keep your comments to yourself.

  • Fredbird the Redbird

    A fist in the face works!
    Don’t we have more than enough evidence now – at the expense of a lot of dead teens – that “conflict resolution” is an outrageous failure. (And that the imbeciles that pushed this concept should either be sued or executed.)

  • Lizzy73

    You are an insensitive sack . You never know what someone is going through even when they wear a smile. No one deserves to feel so flattened that they can not go on with life. To come from a loving family and feel this lost it hurt. I know her mother personally. I hope you and your family never have to experience this pain. Be careful of what you say this pain could be knocking at your door.

  • Philly Guy

    This girl, just like so many millennials, are cowards. They don’t have the guts to stand up for themselves. It’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who mopes around whining, “Woe is me! I may as well kill myself.”

    If that’s the only answer she could come up with, is seems she got what she deserved.

  • P G

    Well, I don’t care what the principal thinks – I am going to post something.

    Aileen, I wish someone could have made you understand that as horrible as things were, that they would get better. I wish you had realized that you threatened the low life idiots who bullied you by being smart, that in a few short years they would be forgotten. I wish that you had known that the pain would be replaced by so many other good things.

    I hope your family and friends can heal. I hope they know it wasn’t something you could control and that you were in such pain that you stopped it the only way you know how, and most of all, that it wasn’t their fault.

    To the people that bullied you, I say this: I hope you feel successive waves of anguish over what you did –the kind that keep you awake at night. I hope you feel the kind of pain you inflicted on this girl so that you truly understand how you made her feel, and experience the kind of loss you have caused people who loved her to feel. I hope you see her face every time you get on or off the subway, and in every crowd, until such time as you become better people and stand up against the kind of people you are now. Most of all, I hope you have the balls to apologize to her family in person. You owe them that.

  • someone needs to kick the shit out of the kids who bullied her because they are the ones who caused her to commit suicide

  • aanonn

    the teachers should be been doing their jobs and stopped this before it escalated

    very tragic and avoidable

    the toxic group ego psychology is to blame as usual

    kids need to be taught to meditate