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What research says about the value of homework.

 the value of homework
Does homework lead to the learning needs of students? A deeper reflection

The truth on whether homework helps improve the learning needs of students or not remains a mystery that only research can answer. The aspect of homework has over time been in the lime light as a topic of controversy with several allegations that students strain with the huge burden and deadlines of homework’s. The board members, parents and teachers only have one hope that is in research in order to determine the way out. My assignment is to determine the value of homework as determined by studies.

The Value of Homework.

Over time now, homework has been treated as an essential tool in raising the education standards that fosters higher academic attainment that has the capacity to upgrade the quality of professionalism.

According to sources, many students have achieved exemplary performances, a fact that is attributed to the adequate times spent in preparation. Homework has the capacity to help students develop life skills and responsibility including the ability to manage the tasks given to them at the appropriate time, a factor that provides experiential learning, opens opportunities for learning that enables them to cope with various situations.

It is also imperative to mention that homework can help different students at different grades to learn how manage their time effectively, a factor that translates to their future job management skills. Through homework’s, students are in a position of adjusting their attention in meeting the demands of the provided assignment a factor that is known to develop good study habits and independent learning. In as much as these factors may not be particularly linked to great achievements, they have the capacity to spur improvement in students.

Another school of thought believes that education facilitates and enhances the manner in which parents get involved in their children’s homework. Through studies, it has been discovered that this positive effect created on parent’s engagement allows them to show their interests in their children’s academic progress. When parents spend time and get involved in their children’s homework, they are in a position of monitoring their progress in class work and contribute significantly towards enhancing their education.
 the value of homework.

Additionally, it is also crucial to note that there are some disadvantages of homework. Studies state that homework’s can lead to the loss of interest in school as a result of burnouts, lack of leisure time and interferences caused by parents. The consequences of this would be cheating in the performances of students.

Giving students too much homework may therefore diminish their effectiveness in class work. In this, research has disclosed that student should spend optimum amounts of time on their homework’s to limit the chances of lack of interest in class activities. However, the middle students may also be granted smaller amounts of work that lasts a period of one hour per night since when they spend considerable amounts of time on homework, their achievement levels are likely to diminish.


In a nutshell, it is inherent to remark that homework may be of value in the improvement of students learning needs when correctly applied.

Parent’s involvement in homework remains a critical element that should inspire students to improve their performance levels. Homework’s require the interaction of parents and pupils to promote the participation of the parents that may prove beneficial to the learners. However, some studies have determined that the participation of parent have resulted in lower grades since students who perform dismally in their class work require more help and support from the family.

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