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JetBlue passenger, Jeff Rubin urinates on others: ‘I’m sorry if I got you wet’

JetBlue passenger, Jeff Rubin urinates
Jeff Rubin is also a preferred hawt bixch. Police booking photo.

Have you ever had the urge to pee on your fellow passengers? For most of us it’s a rare passing thought, but not so in the case of traveler, Jeff Rubin, 27 who during Thursday’s JetBlue flight 47 did exactly that.

All had seemed fairly pleasant after the plane took off from Anchorage, Alaska bound for Portland, Oregon, with our drunken collective hero sleeping off what appeared to some to be a hangover.

And then something happened inside the dreary mind of Jeff Rubin.

With half an hour to go before landing, Rubin was suddenly observed standing up, unzipping his pant’s flyer where according to a report via KOIN 6 News Rubin began ‘urinating through the crack of the the seat onto the passengers seated in front of him.”

But it gets worse. Way worse. Put on your raincoat I think.

Upon having stood up to relieve himself, Rubin was then observed falling backwards where he proceeded to ‘urinate upwards which got the passengers and seats next to him as well as some other passengers’ personal belongings.’

Yes one should always pack an extra raincoat when flying. Don’t you think?

Upon landing, Rubin was taken aside in the early hours of Friday morning where he spent a further five hours at Multnomah County Detention Center, where he was booked on charges of second-degree criminal mischief and offensive littering, before being released on his own recognizance.

Presumably our starlet likely doesn’t remember too much about what happened, but this is one flight his fellow passengers will #NeverForget.

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